May 1, 2017

Are You A Good Fit?

Not every small business is a great fit for us, and that’s OK!

Here at Indispensable Marketing, our work with clients is a collaborative relationship. We know exactly who we are and what we can do. We know our strengths and our challenges, and we know what a good fit and a bad fit looks like. We’ve found that, through no one’s fault, there are some companies that we aren’t a good fit for. Marketing for a small business owner can be frustrating because every company is unique. In an effort to save everyone time, here’s a list of the types of organizations where we don’t provide value:

You’re looking to outsource 100% of your marketing.

Our approach is very collaborative. Even if we’re retained to develop strategy and orchestrate tactical execution for your organization, your participation in marketing is a requirement. The “hands off” approach to marketing just doesn’t cut it these days. Today, people wish to buy from authentic brands that are relevant to their needs and align with their values. Through collaboration, we produce the relevant, holistic marketing strategy to attract and engage target customers.

You’re looking at the lowest price.

Indispensable Marketing’s  stance is we will only undertake an engagement if we can agree that the value we create for you is greater than the price we charge. There are companies that charge less than we do. There are companies that charge more than we do and return fewer results. If you’re basing your decision on price alone, we’re not a good fit. 

You’re looking for a quick fix.

The shortcut is often the short story! If your business has experienced any growth, there comes a time when a company approaches you with an service or product that seems to address your need, but in fact, is so detrimental it may actually erode your business. These products and services often communicate a shortcut to growth and ignores the real work required to produce sustainable business and marketing results—but, of course, that’s the teaser. Solving your business’s challenges requires thoughtful planning, defined goals, targeted strategies and careful analysis. 

You don’t deal well with constructive feedback.

Patrick and the rest of the Indispensable Marketing’s team approach is, to be frank, honest, concise and emphatic with our marketing recommendations. Not everyone receives feedback well. If you’re the type to ask for feedback and not take action, we’re probably not a good fit.

You’re not willing to include employees in your marketing plan.

Leveraging the power of employees’ knowledge and expertise is paramount to a winning marketing strategy. If you’re uncomfortable with customer-facing employees acting as marketers or brand advocates, we’re not a good fit.

If you are unsure if we will be a good fit for you please contact us  and we can discuss your marketing goals.