Platform Builder: T-Shirt Printing Platform

Here are a couple of places where you can design a shirt and not have to order any – you just get a portion of the revenue — if they sell.  They are not printed until an order is made: Sell your own T-shirts: Use or or Check out my favorite sarcasm shirts here: DespairWear Sell your idea Read more about Platform Builder: T-Shirt Printing Platform[…]

“Square” Business

Doing business with: generosity, integrity, honesty and dependability is what I call,  “square” business.  Square Business indicates consistency of: actions, values, methods and principles. Cutting corners is not an option! Which brings me to my point, “how you get there, is how you’re going to stay there.” If a professional is “square” on his/her way up, Read more about “Square” Business[…]

Franchising the News

If you walk through restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, hair salons, or any place that has a waiting area, you’ll more than likely will see a publication called Coffee News. Oh, you never heard them? Well, Coffee News is  the world’s largest weekly restaurant publication delivered FREE.  It is a quick read while you are waiting for food or service. Read more about Franchising the News[…]

Megaphone Marketing

Here’s a question I got from a reader this week: We have a small retail shop, which opened in March this year. We were very busy, but now not much sales in-store, and not much on the new website.  The website is great, and we are doing a lot of email marketing, but without the sales. Any tips or help Read more about Megaphone Marketing[…]

Get good enough at the important thing, first!

When I walked in Martins and asked the sushi chef to tell me something that’s remarkable (worth making a remark about) about sushi, I was amazed at what I found. He told me that, “inexperienced sushi chefs invest months and even years, doing absolutely nothing but preparing the rice for the head chef.” He says, “if the rice Read more about Get good enough at the important thing, first![…]

Good design is good business

When Thomas Watson Jr. told Wharton students in 1973 that good design is good business, the idea seemed unrealistic, silly even. For many people, design still meant the superficial polish of nicer homes and cleaner graphics. This is the schism of marketing. That until 1995, what marketing was – was clever clothes (superficial polish) on a boring Read more about Good design is good business[…]

12 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic

Read 3 books and learn enough to become the expert in your field. Break news. Be timeless… write posts that will be relevant  in a year. Share and become generous with your expertise so people recognize it and depend on you. Tag your posts. Use Coin a unique term or two. Stay on top of your Read more about 12 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic[…]

Update from Patrick on Profitable Passion – New FREE eBook!

Dear Passionpreneur, Do you have any desire to do what you’re passionate about …to make a living helping those you know, enjoy or care about? You may like the idea of getting paid for doing what you love and are passionate about. You are not alone; many people desire that. But amazingly, while a majority Read more about Update from Patrick on Profitable Passion – New FREE eBook![…]