Increase your sales with the secret power of seven

Seven is just an appealing number, isn’t it?  There is so much significance to the number seven – the Biblical number of completion – seven days of creation, seven days in a week, seven seals of Revelation, march around Jericho seven times, wash in the Jordan river seven times, etc.  The jersey number of John Elway and Read more about Increase your sales with the secret power of seven[…]

Creating your own website is fast and easy

That’s the promise from every website hosting company. And they’re absolutely right. The easy part of starting any business is the website, filing the DBA certificate, getting incorporated, office space, the logo, and the list goes on. Which leads to this question: “What is the hard part of your business?” If your business doesn’t have a hard Read more about Creating your own website is fast and easy[…]

One approach to keeping mass marketing alive

Obviously, the mass market is dying, and other than buying even more traditional advertising, how are mass marketers dealing with this profound infoglut? They’re taking this approach of “Your Company Name Goes Here”: They’re spending more in odd places. Not just on traditional TV ads, but a wide range of interesting and obscure places. BP Read more about One approach to keeping mass marketing alive[…]

The marketing funnel price dilemma

So marketing is a funnel, and you put North America into the top of it. The way a marketing funnel works is that there’s undifferentiated prospects at the top and some of them hop out, unimpressed with your story and offering. Others learn about you and your company, hear from their peers, compare offerings, and eventually come out the bottom, as Read more about The marketing funnel price dilemma[…]

A Three-Step Approach to Business Development

If you are going to succeed in business development, it is critical that you understand—and implement—all three steps. 1. Implementation process first, then ideas second. All business development requires bringing new partners and new ideas into your organization, and you absolutely need an implementation process to do it. Professionals don’t fail to plan. Instead, professionals think about Read more about A Three-Step Approach to Business Development[…]

What is business development?

Business Development is the name for a little meeting or department in most large businesses. It’s also a remarkable opportunity for a freelancer,  small business, or entrepreneur to make money, have fun and create value. Businesses who profit by doing something that is tangential to their core mission have done a great job at business development. Read more about What is business development?[…]

Platform Builder: Online Collaboration

Here is a tool that can bring the power of social networks inside your company —a free, private and secure social network just for your business. boast that you can connect with your coworkers to work together and be more productive. Companies and organizations known to use include NBCUniversal, Dell, Qualcomm, Kelly services, Lenovo, and Belkin. Read more about Platform Builder: Online Collaboration[…]

There’s no dummies guide for that….

If you want to change the world or put a dent in it with your art, there will be no map, no step-by-step process, or dummies guide for doing so. That means it’s going to take vision, initiative, making mistakes, and creating your own map. Maybe this is the reason that every musician that has some fame, responds Read more about There’s no dummies guide for that….[…]

Social Media and Social Networking in a Nut Shell

Utilize social media. If you want to build visibility for your company, you must go where the people are. In days gone by, people gathered in the marketplace at the center of the city. Today, they gather online in places like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Which platform is best? The one you will use regularly. Use Read more about Social Media and Social Networking in a Nut Shell[…]

Converting your viral traffic – the indispensable way

Going viral is cool. It’s a miracle when it works considering all the noise and you know what Rick Warren says about miracles, “Miracles don’t occur very often.If they happened all the time, they wouldn’t be called miracles.” Online everyone has one purpose: to connect. And have that connection help them get tweeted, liked, mentioned Read more about Converting your viral traffic – the indispensable way[…]