Rescue a CEO and CEO Blog Nation interview – 3 best marketing tips and advice

Marketing is extremely important to businesses, so CEO Blog Nation and Rescue a CEO asked entrepreneurs to provide their 3 best marketing tips and advice. FYI: Rescue A CEO is a niche blog site that helps entrepreneurs get tasks and projects completed. Rescue A CEO is a member of CEO Blog Nation. You can see Read more about Rescue a CEO and CEO Blog Nation interview – 3 best marketing tips and advice[…]

The Ultimate Gift

Dignity is more important than riches. Everyone needs a certain amount of money to live. But once we have that amount, what we crave and want is dignity. Given a choice between dignity and “more” (wealth, riches, and material possessions) most people choose dignity. Respect matters. Respect in all things, for your employees, co-workers, and Read more about The Ultimate Gift[…]

Giving to Win

Giveaway by definition is: the act of giving something away free. Raffle by definition is: the act of purchasing tickets to win a prize. What’s the big difference?  Let me explain. If I give you some marketing advice and tips through my blog, it’s worth what you paid for it, and it cost me what I gave you. But there’s this notion Read more about Giving to Win[…]

The false objection

Most of the time when you are making a sale, you will be confronted with “the  false objection.” And “the false objection” are the reasons someone gives to get you to go away because they’re afraid to say yes. So as an example: The prospect  your selling to will say, “oh it doesn’t come in purple. I can’t buy something that Read more about The false objection[…]

Should I be a freelancer or entrepreneur?

You have to decide should I be a freelancer or entrepreneur? The distinction is so critical that I have to explain both. So a freelancer means: people pay you money and you do “work” and if you don’t do “work” people don’t pay you money. Freelancing is a great way to make a living. Now an Read more about Should I be a freelancer or entrepreneur?[…]

The Beginners Guide to SEO Strategy

Using SEO  (search engine optimization) they’re two strategies to benefit your business or organization. One strategy is trustworthy and effective, and the other is a needle in a haystack  that usually bombs but is remarkable when it’s in action. Let’s start with the needle in the haystack strategy. When using SEO (search engine optimization) the most common strategy is to find Read more about The Beginners Guide to SEO Strategy[…]