Can you do it faster

Can you figure out how to interact with people in a way that gives you more  “A”: alacrity. One of the big advantages if you’re a small business or new start-up is you don’t have a committee, you don’t have processes, it’s just you. Well sometimes that’s a disadvantage, but lots of time it’s an advantage. Read more about Can you do it faster[…]

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Winners win in business and beat the competition not because they work harder. In fact it’s not even clear that they win because they’re more creative. The secret, I think, is in understanding that  “efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”. Both aren’t obvious, because both changes. Let’s look at effectiveness. Your effectiveness Read more about Efficiency and Effectiveness[…]

Lowering your cost while maintaining the value

Starting a business or owning one always involves a cost for producing, so sometimes figuring out how to make what you’re producing significantly more cheaply is a must. In the case of somebody who wants to run a successful bar and grill. If the scarce thing they offer is a great environment to drink liquor and beer, but they Read more about Lowering your cost while maintaining the value[…]

Launching, PR and promotion addiction always starts this way

One small business owner I know explained that she got about ten orders from a social media share from a mega hub (a person who can provide powerful one-way links with people who listen to their message) and so she needed a share like that every week to stay in business. Um…..Good luck with that. Launching, PR Read more about Launching, PR and promotion addiction always starts this way[…]

There are 2 reasons to go to school

There are 2 reasons to go to school: First, to get a piece of paper so someone will give you a job. Second, for the personal development that takes place. More on this in a future post… If you go for the first reason only, you will probably be disappointed. The second can never be taken Read more about There are 2 reasons to go to school[…]


It’s so easy to be paralyze in the pursuit of perfect that you end up not being good. That you are so worried about launching in this spectacular way, that you never do. In this connection economy launching is way overrated it’s not important at all. The large book signing, the grand opening, and the press releases all on the first Read more about Shipping[…]

Often confused are needs and wants

When people have at the very least their basic needs met, it’s not unusual for wants to somehow become needs. It’s our human instinct to seek out how to fill our unmet needs. In the end because of this human instinct it pays off for the marketer who has persuaded the market that they need what he/she Read more about Often confused are needs and wants[…]

Selling Books guest post – Write Every Day

One of my blog post for today is posted in it’s entirety on Cathy Stucker’s Selling Books blog site as a guest post – Write Everyday Writing is like any skill – it improves only with practice. The more you write, the better your chances of improvement. Be intentional with planning times for your writing – Read more about Selling Books guest post – Write Every Day[…]