The Future of Content Sharing

Face it. We live in an content-rich era — there’s too much noise, too many choices and too much clutter. Consumers are hit with spam, pop-up ads, 500 cable channels, more movies, blinking Web banners, blue-screen ads behind home plate,  more news sites, blogs, and, of course, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and dozens of other interruptions. But what Read more about The Future of Content Sharing[…]

The BIGGEST Online Marketing Mistake (And How to Avoid it)

One of the biggest online marketing mistakes that I see more than anything else is the deadly practice of digital sharecropping. Building your business on a digital platform you don’t own or control (like MySpace, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter). Often I’m reminded of this story about a local bookstore that did everything right, and they Read more about The BIGGEST Online Marketing Mistake (And How to Avoid it)[…]

Why This Won’t Work

In the past two weeks, I have had conversations with several individuals trying to get their ideas off the ground, develop a more effective marketing plan, and get noticed. They are frustrated because they can’t narrow it down to a few ideas, get all the customers they want, and get focused. One thing that I have Read more about Why This Won’t Work[…]

The Branding Mix

Similar to its sister the marketing mix the branding mix is a business tool as well. And what this tool does is allow the one who uses it to have in place guidelines for taking a logo and a name to a brand and achieve company goals. For many years the branding mix included: Logo Identity Tagline Mascot Read more about The Branding Mix[…]

The Best Way to Have All the Clients and Customers You Need

Have you ever wondered, why you don’t have all the clients and customers you need? If so this post has the answer. This post is all about getting you from where you are to where you want to be. Below are over ten powerful and proven ways to move you from wanting to having. Are Read more about The Best Way to Have All the Clients and Customers You Need[…]

How to Get the Prospect to Take the Action You Desire

All marketing must have a purpose (a worthwhile goal) in order to be successful. What are your marketing goals? or even better “Why are you marketing?” To begin experiencing marketing success you must get the prospect to take the action you desire. In this brief video, I talk about the missing piece to that puzzle.

How to Use Content to Turn Prospects into Customers

I’m excited about today’s post because this is going to give you the proper perspective and viewpoint for using your content to turn prospects into customers. The Internet has disrupted the way prospects buy, and now every prospect can do a Google search and social media search for information on their own terms. This means anyone with something Read more about How to Use Content to Turn Prospects into Customers[…]

The Key to Victory in the Web 2.0 World

As you know, Web 2.0 is all about the conversation. Web 1.0 was an early stage of the conceptual evolution of the internet, and was centered around the “traditional media platform thinking.” Socially, users could only view webpages but not contribute to the content of the webpages. So, think about how you could only view a TV Read more about The Key to Victory in the Web 2.0 World[…]

How to Acquire the Two Things That Money Can’t Buy

One of the most important aspect of today’s consumer is that 90% of all buying decisions come after they have search online. Now, there’s only one reason for someone who’s looking to solve a problem to go online and that’s to learn. We all must take an education-forward marketing approach that offers in return the  influence that comes Read more about How to Acquire the Two Things That Money Can’t Buy[…]