Why You Don’t Need to Freak Out over Marketing

We all know that Marketing is evolving, right? The Marketing world is prone to change, and it’s worth noting by keeping loose change—pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters—around you as a constant reminder. But even with all these changes, the truth is marketing is not anything to freak out over. Oh, sure, there’s new tactics out Read more about Why You Don’t Need to Freak Out over Marketing[…]

A Personal Thank You

I’m taking the time to thank my professional colleagues, personal friends and others who have inspired me during the past year. First and foremost, my thanks goes to: My readers and subscribers, who constantly challenge me to lead through my thoughts and create remarkable content. My American Express OpenForum, LinkedIn groups and Google+ community members who have taught me to Read more about A Personal Thank You[…]

What It Takes To Be a Social Midsize Business

What does “social” truly mean, and how can midsize businesses use it’s dominance on the world scene to grow their business? Real social marketing takes dedication, intense focus and hard work on the right things. Winners don’t beat the competition because they work harder. The secret, is in understanding what matters. Serious midsize businesses that want Read more about What It Takes To Be a Social Midsize Business[…]

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

It used to be when most businesses outline their marketing strategies, they plan for one punch—advertising to knock out the competition. Let me start by saying that marketing and advertising are not the same thing. They used to be, but they’re not the same thing anymore. Let’s face it. The reality is that people have Read more about Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook[…]

The 3 Keys to Online Marketing Mastery

What does it take to be the best? The best speaker, the business coach, the best accountant, the best blogger, the best online marketer? There’s always a spot for the best in the market. Now that every business can connect to millions of people worldwide, become a media company, build a website, do business globally, Read more about The 3 Keys to Online Marketing Mastery[…]

Advice to First-Time Business Owners

As a marketing consultant, I receive a lot of email from first-time business owners and entrepreneurs who are trying to get established in marketing their businesses. Because I make my email address public, it’s pretty easy to get to me. However, by the time I hear from people, they are either confused about marketing, don’t Read more about Advice to First-Time Business Owners[…]

How Membership Clubs Can Give to Get Referrals?

A couple of months ago I was out in the Virginia area talking to a marketing director of golf club about marketing. In this post I plan on using my insights and knowledge to make a point about how any membership club can give to get referrals. Many health, golf, fitness centers, wholesale and professional networking Read more about How Membership Clubs Can Give to Get Referrals?[…]

The Midsize Business Formula for Social Media Success

Admit it. It sucks to work hard on your social media and have no real results to show for it. Let’s discuss … If you’re trying to sell products and services, gain visibility, become part of the conversation and build brand awareness, all online, you’re probably looking for that one magic formula to make your Read more about The Midsize Business Formula for Social Media Success[…]

The Best Advice I Can Give On How to Build Your Online Platform?

A recent LinkedIn connection and college student asked me, “How would you go about creating a platform?” For some of you who are asking, “what is a platform?” A platform is marketing power tool and is something that enables you to get seen (visibility) and heard (awareness). In the 20th century it was a little more Read more about The Best Advice I Can Give On How to Build Your Online Platform?[…]

Marketing Must Motivate, Educate, But Never Entertain

That’s what marketing does and that’s what marketing must never do. Nothing creates mystique in business more than marketing. There are some very good reasons for that. Marketing is not show business. There’s no business like show business and that includes marketing. Marketing is the motivate business, the educate business and the create a desire Read more about Marketing Must Motivate, Educate, But Never Entertain[…]