You Must Connect Before You Pull (Sell)

This is a guest post by Rob “YB” Youngblood. Rob “YB” Youngblood is a catalyst for business, leadership and professional development. As the Chief Connecting Officer for YBConnects, LLC, he adds value to others through his Coaching, Communicating, Connecting and Consulting. He works with small businesses and nonprofit organizations to assist their efforts to increase visibility and Read more about You Must Connect Before You Pull (Sell)[…]

7 Website Essentials That Get People To Buy Now

So much in business isn’t black and white, but there are some simple ways to increase your customer engagement and get people to buy now. Creating a user-friendly website is the foundation. For example, according to information compiled by online marketing firm Reach Local, 46 percent of consumers use their smartphones to research products or businesses. Read more about 7 Website Essentials That Get People To Buy Now[…]

What Effective Marketing and Selling Looks Like

Well, for starters if you have a very tight budget, it’s of no significance at all. What? The things that you need to do, don’t require a big budget, but effective implementation and an execution plan. In fact the things that you might be temped to spend money on, if you had a big budget Read more about What Effective Marketing and Selling Looks Like[…]

What is business development?

Business Development is the name for a little meeting or department in most large businesses. It’s also a remarkable opportunity for a freelancer,  small business, or entrepreneur to make money, have fun and create value. Businesses who profit by doing something that is tangential to their core mission have done a great job at business development. Read more about What is business development?[…]