100% of Small Business Owners Who Do This Will Sell More of Their Products

Most small business owners aren’t thinking in terms of “everything is marketing.”


That is a mistake.

In a world where people have short attention spans and they’re millions of businesses attempting to attract it. You’re either judged on everything, or you’re being ignored.

The reason to employ “everything is marketing” is because most  of your prospects are in the market for what you sell only a small fraction of the time. If you’re not saying or doing something to them at that time, they’ll talk to somebody else. With less marketing, your chances of connecting with them at that selling moment decreases dramatically.

Here’s how you do it and sell more products or services.

  1. Everything is marketing starts at the intersection of low tech and high-tech with high touch and high care. You must always available to your customers via your website, email, mobile phone, and social media profiles, with many also connecting by Skype and Google Hangouts. Become involved in your communities, connecting with prospects in-person in non-business environments.
  2. Next, identify specific associations to join and learn industry information, meet movers and shakers, and contribute your time and energy too. Offer free consultations or discovery sessions and/or demonstrations whenever possible and set up strategic partnerships with other companies in fusion-marketing ventures — especially online.
  3. There’s a great chance, you’ll now realize that publishing a newsletter, possibly even a catalog is a good top-of-mind tactic. You may want to write an article for a publication read by your prospects and create an event if businesses such as yours gain customers that way. You may consider offering your speaking services for free to local groups and have warm, trusting relationships with media professionals in which you hope to gain publicity. When you get it, you make physical reprints to post and mail. And digital reprints to share via your social media channel and post to your website.

In a nut shell “everything is marketing” means you may run classified or small display ads offering your free class, whitepaper, report, etc. and that also directs people to your website. It means maintaining awareness wherever your target audience attention is: the radio, cable TV, business magazines, business podcasts, email inbox, conferences, social media, direct mail letters or regional editions of national magazines. Use signs wherever feasible and stay in touch regularly with both prospects and customers with electronic communication and standard mailings.

Combining all these marketing tactics on a continuing basis, over a long period of time rather than in a shotgun blast, is a tough job. But succeeding with a small business isn’t supposed to be fast or easy. By using “everything is marketing”, selling more of your products and services does become far more of a certainty – 100%.

Question: Are you ready to sell more? What are you willing to do?

About the Author: Patrick McFadden is a marketing consultant that helps SMBs navigate the most effective ways to attract and keep customers. He is also an advisor and featured marketing contributor to American Express Open Forum and has been named a marketing thought leader for small businesses.