4 questions that earn you gratitude and endorsements

The internet rewards one thing: relentless generosity.

That the more you worry about when you’re going to get paid the less you’re going to get paid.

The people who have plenty of clients and leverage don’t worry so much about, what ad am I going to run today? How am I going to close this sell? What link should I post?  They’re just helping individuals achieve their worthwhile goals, and doing it reliably and repeatedly, so that over time those same individuals have an interest in helping them achieve their goals.

Earn gratitude and endorsements from other people by helping them sell their products and services. Ask these questions:

  1. What do you sell?
  2. What do you buy?
  3. What types of customers do you want?
  4. What type of supplies do you seek?

Question: What questions do you like to ask to earn gratitude and endorsements?