4 Small But Powerful Ways To Delight Customers Who Have Already Given You Money

If you’re a blogger, coach, consultant, speaker, or business owner the chances are great that you have commerce intentions. The chances are also great that you’ve had customers give you money or an audience that you monetize. Either way, both of these activities require you to develop the marketing mindset.

That mindset should be supported by your intense focus on customers, on their needs, and satisfying those needs.

What does this truly mean?

Delighting customers should be your goal. Put them first. This is especially important today where, “your best prospect is a current customer and your second best prospect is a past customer.”

Here are 4 small but powerful ways to delight customers who have already given you money:

  1. Answer questions. Create a free Q&A session for these current or past customers. 
  2. Offer a thank you product. This could be a special blog post, video, teleseminar, ebook or white paper, that you offer them for free as a thank-you for their business. 
  3. Give a discount. This could be a deep discount on a related product they’ve been thinking about picking up. 
  4. Create an after-purchase special. This could be some after-purchase special information on how to get more out of what they’ve bought from you.

When most people think about marketing they are usually thinking it means finding new people, but the smartest, most effective, and least expensive way is to delight current or existing customers.

Question: Have you tried any of these small but powerful ways in your own business? Which one will you implement this week?