December 7, 2018

The 4 Step Marketing Plan for Consultants and Professional Service Businesses

The 4 Step Marketing Plan for

Attracting and Converting Your Ideal Clients


A live group consulting program for professional service businesses and consultants

to consistently market their business and attract ideal clients.

Next group program starts January 8th and runs 8 consecutive weeks

About Patrick McFadden

Patrick McFadden is a marketing consultant, speaker and founder of Indispensable Marketing.

Many consultants and service businesses understand the importance of having a marketing plan but fail to create one. They rely on chasing leads and sending out proposals. It might work in the beginning but as the client work rolls in it becomes nearly impossible to continue doing business that way. In short, its not sustainable. What you need is a marketing plan that builds brand authority, attracts your ideal clients and turns them into paying clients.

That’s the 4 step process I’ve developed over the years for professional service businesses and consultants.

Over the course of 8 weeks I will pull back the curtain and show you this approach. It’s the same approach I’ve applied to multiple 6 and 7 figure consultants and professional service businesses in across the United States including my own firm Indispensable Marketing.

Here’s what we will focus on during the live sessions

Small group sessions meet 4 times over the course of 8 weeks for 60-90 minutes every other week. We will spend about half the time on each week’s lesson and the rest will be open to 1:1 time to answer your specific questions. During the weeks that we do not meet you will be expected to take action on the previous week’s lesson and put it into practice.

Session 1) Week 1 – 2 Discover and Understand Your Ideal Client

In any marketing conversation (or one that you hope to be effective) it’s common to hear that you must know your target market. But within every target market is a segment of people who you are best suited to serve, who value what you do and are very profitable for your business. This group of buyers represent your ideal client. Trying to be “all things to all people” doesn’t work. In this session we’ll go to work on discovering and understanding your ideal client.

Session 2) Week 3 – 4 Identify Your Difference and the Problems You Solve

Having a difference is not only a matter of strategy success, it is a matter of survival. No difference? No success. Sitting right next to your difference is the problems you solve. Nobody wants what you sell. They want their problems solved. In this session we’ll go to work on identifying your difference and the core problems you solve for clients.

Session 3) Week 5 – 6 Build an Lead Generation Process

The most effective lead generation process is through the careful blending of multiple avenues and channels. Often a prospect must encounter your brand or message dozens of times before they decide to move forward to make a
purchase. During this session we will build out your plan for generating ideal clients.

Session 4) Week 7 – 8 Turn Leads into Paying Clients

Lack of any process approach to selling is the biggest weakness for most consultants and professional service businesses. The focus of marketing is almost always on lead generation. While leads are important, the focus with generating them takes up a significant amount of time and money. During this session we’ll map out your “selling process” to convert leads into paying clients.

Here’s What You Will Get…

(The small group format encourages group collaboration, but ensures every participant receives the personal attention they need. Private consulting with Patrick McFadden is also available.)


4 Focused Working Sessions [Live]

Four interactive sessions with Patrick McFadden – we will spend 30 minutes learning and 30 minutes discussing as a group.

Blueprint Workbook

Complete workbook to be used to complete the weekly action plan. When complete, this will act as your blueprint for building your business.

Complete Presentation Manual

Presentation Slides containing the details for each session as well as the action steps.

Email support and post-program evaluation

During the 8-week program, you will have unlimited email support and a 30 day post-program evaluation to rate your progress.


Here’s What Clients Have To Say…


“Patrick McFadden always hits the nail on the head. The way to attract your best clients hasn’t changed, we just needed it laid out in a process and structured way to reach them.”

Jeff Miller, Owner at Sales Recruiters of Virginia




I was most impressed by when Patrick called and provided consultation to that help me with my business. He made a suggestion for my business model that I immediately implemented. My existing clients love it and I was able to increase one client proposal by 400% (no joke!!). I highly recommend Patrick to anyone looking for real, sustainable growth.

LaKesha Womack, Business and Marketing Consultant



“Patrick and his team has been invaluable in giving us much greater structure and strategic oversight over our marketing message and how we can better serve existing and new clients. He also guided us towards creating an excellent marketing action plan and execution time table. If you feel like your marketing objectives and strategy are lacking focus, consistency, direction or cohesion, talk with Patrick–he will listen, ground you and help you sharply focus your energy and resources towards reaching your goals as quickly as possible. On the fence? Just do it. You’ll be glad that you did.”


Duncan Shaw, President at DTS Language Services

Some reasons why you might consider doing this consulting program . . .


1. You’re simply not getting in front of a enough highly qualified leads.

Many consultants and service businesses have little trouble demonstrating the value they can bring to an engagement – the problem is that they can’t attract enough of the right kinds of leads to have profitable conversations in the first place. Solving this challenge is a major focus of this program.

2. You’re spending time writing proposal after proposal that go nowhere.

If you enjoy getting results for clients but hate the proposal dance, let me show you how to create a lead generation process that attracts only highly engaged, highly committed prospects and turns them into clients.

3. You’re struggling to keep up with the work and retain the clients you have.

One of the greatest challenges in running a service-based pbusiness is that one day you’re chasing work, and the next day you’re head down doing the work. This unpredictable cycle leads to mixed results for clients and a constant state of feast and famine for the consultant. In this program we will show you how to get clients started right and how to keep them happy and engaged.

Is This Course Right For You?

This course is not for everybody, here’s who we believe will get the best results.


  • Business consultants or local home service contractors or those considering starting a service business
  • Professional service providers such as attorneys, accountants, and financial planners
  • Anyone who wants to stand above the crowd by being different
  • Individuals who are serious about doing the work to build a long-standing asset


  • Product-based, e-commerce, or retail businesses
  • Individuals looking for a quick fix without the need to put in the time to work the process
  • Individuals who like to buy courses so they can feel like they are making progress
  • Individuals who aren’t willing to learn and try new things to build their brand


If you have any questions about whether or not this program is right for your business let’s hop on the phone and discuss your specific situation.

Build Your Marketing Action Plan in 8 Weeks

Image result for money back guarantee

If after completing this program, or at any time during the program, you don’t feel like you are receiving the value promised and are not on your way to building a solid marketing action plan for your practice, just send us a message and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.


Start Today! Choose Your Plan Below –

Group or Private

Enroll in the upcoming small group format or choose to complete the program in a private format


Small Group Format Private Format

  • 4 Small group sessions with up to 7 business owners
  • Personalized email support
  • Program workbook and training ebook
  • Individual website review
  • Access to archive recordings
  • 30 day post-program progress evaluation
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


(one payment)

  • 4 Private sessions
  • Highly personalized feedback
  • Individual workbook and training ebook
  • Individual website review
  • Access to archive recordings
  • 30 day post-program progress evaluation
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


(one payment)