5 Powerful Business Accelerator Tips

Yesterday, I went to a Business Accelerator event and met some awesome small business owners, state officials, entrepreneurs, and angel investors. From this event I came away with a couple of points that I want to share with you, in hopes that they can help you accelerate your business.

5 Powerful Business Accelerator Tips

  1. First anyone that’s going to invest in you, will like their money back!
  2. The entrepreneurs who secure capital investments have the ability to communicate their vision in 90 seconds or less. (Remember: Marketing is about communicating value.)
  3. You need the proper mindset to win. You need a clear and compelling vision for your life, money, and business.
  4. Branding today is the foundation of your engagement (two-way conversations) efforts. If you’re consistent in how you engage and are remembered you can build brand identity and equity, and you also make a connection.
  5. Don’t expect to be paid for an idea. We always think if we could offer a suggestion and that company would do it, sales would increase and etc. Well, that has ZERO value! The only people who make money from an idea are those who create an implementation for the idea.

Question: Have you been to a business accelerator event and have something that you learned?

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