6 Crucial Branding Tactics for Every Midsize Business in 2014

We all know that branding is important.

But not many people realize that tactical branding grows businesses.

Branding positions your product or service in your prospects and customer’s mind. However, a strong brand achieves the holy grail of branding which is something very tangible: to presell a product or service, creating the perception that there is no alternative.

It’s an important success factor that delivers real value to your business’s bottom line.

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6 Crucial Branding Tactics for Every Midsize Business in 2014

#1. Build Trust. Build corporate credibility and reputation. Be transparent in your customer interactions. To this end, stand for something greater than your specific offering by striving for higher ideals that help meet your customers’ aspirations.

#2. Invest in The Heart of Your Brand. Encourage relationships and engagement with your target audience. Understand that your target audience is probably more sophisticated and knowledgeable about your brand, competitors and near substitutes than you think. Realize that the zero moment of truth (ZMOT) occurs before you’re aware that a prospect is in the market.

#3. Become a Trusted Informational Provider. Provide the information prospects and customers want and seek. Use your internal customer data to target appropriate content your audience wants, when, where and how they want the information.

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#4. Distinguish Your Brand. Present prospects and customers with a clear brand value proposition. Being a me-too brand doesn’t distinguish you in a crowded marketplace.

#5. Wow and Delight Prospects and Customers. Provide more value than prospects and customers expect. Know that your customers use a broad array of brands and trade up and trade down to meet their personal product needs and budget constraints.

#6. Be Contextually Relevant. Physical location matters less when prospects can access your content and that of your competitors on their terms. Therefore, your brands must be available when and where potential customers want to reach you in real life, online or on social media.

Question: As 2014 approaches what do you consider a crucial branding tactic?