9 Powerful and Proven Steps to Launch Your Consulting or Coaching Business

It’s so easy to be paralyze in the pursuit of perfect that you end up not doing anything  That you are so worried about launching in this spectacular way, that you never do.

What matters today in launching your own consulting and coaching business is this instinct to produce, to create solutions and ship them out the door.

Shipping means hitting the publish button on your blog, podcast, or YouTube video, creating that message and hitting post on Facebook, showing a presentation to the executives, making or answering the phone, selling the baked goods, sending out your references.

In order for you to launch your business you must ship each one of these steps. No procrastination! Remember it doesn’t matter until it ships. Here before your very eyes are “9 powerful and proven steps to launch your coaching and consulting business.” What are you going to do?

  1. Choose a name. Marketing is everything you do even choosing a name. 
  2. Get a simple website up and running. Websites today act like a business card.
  3. Develop your elevator speech. In your elevator speech includes these:                         I: Your company name and specialization.
    II: The problem you are attempting to solve.
    III: Your proposed solution.
    IV: The key benefit of your solution.
  4. Create 3 options. These 3 options should be where you can help them achieve their goals and options where you at a very comfortable level know you can provide the solution to their problem.
  5. Tell everyone you meet what you’re doing. So anytime you get within three feet of somebody you tell them what it is you’re doing. All of us have seen the insurance and real estate agents that do this, they shove a business card at you and say call me. Now, that may not be real effective but you need to be that comfortable that whenever you get near someone you’re telling them, when they say, ” How are you doing?” you say, “I’m really excited I’m doing this new thing xxxx”.
  6. Make yourself available for interviews. This a great way to get introduced to other people audience’s and maybe practice just in case you get a national opportunity. Most interviews are posted so that listeners can download an mp3 file and listen to it anywhere at anytime. You also reach a group of people who maybe don’t read a lot.
  7. Create a blog. Blogging requires the discipline of creating, writing, and/or contributing information of value to your niche market (a segment of mainstream). Blogs position you as the expert. Blogs communicate news and announcements. Blogs allow for community building. Blogs allow for one-to-one relationships. Blogging to me is awesome, but put blogs on your NOT-TO-DO list if you don’t have the discipline.
  8. Do some guest post. I’m a huge fan of guest blogging. In my opinion, it’s the most effective online marketing strategy there is, assuming you do it correctly. The  great thing about guest blog posting is that you get introduced to a whole new audience and that content last forever.
  9. Offer to speak. Speaking presents unique long-term marketing opportunities for you. A speech places you face to face with a roomful of prospective clients who have signaled their interest in you and your topic by showing up. You have the rare chance to meet and address people who want to learn about you and what you have to say. And you don’t have to find them—they come to you. As a marketing opportunity, what could be better?

Now, this notion that on the first day everyone meets you, they will do business with you is unrealistic. What’s going to happen is a few people are going to interact with you, enough that they understand the value, they trust you to deliver the value and they pay you for it.

Question: Do you have an additional step to add for launching a coaching or consulting business? What has your experience taught you?