A Brick-and-Mortar Framework for Building a Platform

When I’m speaking on the topic of social media. I always take the time to explain to the audience that I’m not a guru or an expert, by any means. I’m just a practitioner who’s growing and learning through trial and error.

Now, I’m often asked when it comes to building a platform, “What if my business is brick-and-mortar?” People say, “Okay, I get the online component.  I sort of understand social media. But what about us, whose businesses are more traditional, “How does it all work together?”

Well, a good brick-and-mortar strategy for building a platform has three components.

Offline Platform Strategy(Slide taken from the “How to Create a Platform, Generate Word of Mouth & Get the Attention Needed to Succeed” Live Event)

Question: Are you currently a brick-and-mortar business employing all three components of this model?