A Tale of Two Blogs: Which Are You?

If you visit the Technorati Top 100  blogs in the world as ranked by Technorati Authority. (The Top 100 is updated once per day.) You’ll notice one thing about the top 10 ranking blogs in the world. Almost all of them are written by groups or teams of people. There is not one ranked in that 10 that’s a personal blog.

Therefore based off a careful analysis it seems the best way to become one of the top 10 ranking blogs in the world ranking is to post consistently and to have teams or groups of people doing the blogging. If you’ve determined that’s your strategy, then of course you can’t have it be a personal blog. The strategy for showing up on the top 10 list is to have tons and tons of posts, so your tactic needs to be to have a team or group of people doing the blogging.

Now on the other hand, the personal blog isn’t going anywhere. There’s a huge difference between a blog about the reader and a blog that’s all about you. Michael Hyatt’s blog, and the Indispensable Marketing blog for instance, aren’t about us or what time we went to bed, or what we ate for breakfast or how great we are. They are about you, the reader, the fan, and the follower.

I guess there’s a tale of two blogs. The apples and the oranges:

  1. The first tale is that your blog (the oranges) could be like a newspaper (written by a staff or team)
  2. The second tale is that your blog (the apples) could be like a book (written by an author)

Note: Research shows that 9 out of 10 times, newspapers outsell books. Which is no surprise, but they’re different and we need both of them.

Questions: What kind of blog are you? Is it all about you or is it all about the reader?