June 17, 2012


We started with a simple idea…
Small Business Marketing is a Process!

In 2012 our Founder Patrick McFadden noticed the most frustrating part of marketing for any small business is that there was no logical or process way to understand, buy, and implement small business marketing services.

As business owners, CEOs or managing partners of a small business you get telemarketing or spam calls from fake Google representatives, emails from agency salespeople, and more from companies that try to sell you a piece of the marketing puzzle (branding, printing, SEO, advertising, social media, websites, content, etc.) All of them tell you that their piece of the marketing puzzle is the solution to increase visibility, and grow your business.

Often you would buy from the sales rep or account manager who could best promise to grow your business.

Our small business marketing consulting firm has solved your problem. We take a very strategic and process approach to marketing that is based on your ideal client and unique difference.

Now instead pitching you marketing services and hoping for results or you telling us what you think you need, we do the work of identifying your ideal client, discovering the real value of your services, and uncovering why clients buy from you over competitors that will inform the small business marketing services, processes, campaigns and tactics, we know you need to increase visibility and make your phone ring.

So this is the Indispensable Marketing process in a nutshell.

Our Small Business Marketing Consulting Team

Patrick McFadden, Founder
Patrick McFadden is a small business marketing consultant, speaker and founder of Indispensable Marketing. He is the creator of the Indispensable Marketing Process which is ultimately, the process application of Indispensable Marketing to small businesses who have a goal to get ideal clients who have a specific need or problem to first become aware of them and trust them enough to buy.​

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Rachel Garvey, Project Manager
Rachel Garvey is our traffic controller.  She’s coordinating and working with the Indispensable Marketing team, external vendors, strategic partners, internal marketing support that clients have, and more all to deliver on our promise of developing and implementing marketing that makes your phone ring.

She loves to help find the right resources that overcome obstacles and aid in reaching marketing and business goals.

Elizabeth Arnold, Email Marketer
Elizabeth Arnold graduated with a bachelor’s in Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship and has a penchant for learning new things. Elizabeth’s work involves web development and email marketing on a variety of platforms. She enjoys bringing insights from her multiple certifications, training’s, and marketing experience into her work.
Mary Rodriguez, PPC & Google Ads Manager

Mary assists our Indispensable Marketing clients with regular updates to WordPress websites and digital advertising across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, & more. From customizing websites to maintaining client content and running social media advertising campaigns to managing pay-per-click campaigns for our clients, she is indispensable.

Nikki Jasper, Content Manager
Nikki is an experienced Content Manager working in the marketing and advertising industry. She focuses on all things content for our clients, press releases, blogs, marketing material, websites, pretty much anywhere words are needed she has you covered.

Amberly Steele, SEO Specialist
Amberly is an experienced Marketing, SEO, Website, and Analytics Professional with over 17 years experience in enhancing your chances of being found when a prospect searches on Google for a local business in their area. She knows nearly everyone turns to local search to find businesses and if you’re not showing up as highly on these searches as your competitors, you are missing out on valuable business. She can help.

Terri Kapton, Bookkeeper and Billing
Terri Kapton handles various bookkeeping aspects including processing payments, invoicing, and monthly reconciliations. Terri has worked in the Bookkeeping field for over 12 years. 2 years ago, she decided to start her own virtual bookkeeping business and it instantly took off.

We're On a Mission

We are on a mission to change the way small companies market and grow by approaching marketing as a process. Developing the strategy, building the marketing action plan and then orchestrating the implementation of that plan.

With our process approach to developing a strong marketing strategy, building a marketing action plan, and the additional support to orchestrate implementation, business owners and managing partners of small organizations can gain control, guides priorities, increase sales, transform the customer experience and GROW.

Through our core small business marketing services of marketing strategy plan consulting, and managed marketing packages, we show small businesses how to rise above the competition and mediocrity to become the most trusted resource and obvious choice in the industries they serve.

Your Free Small Business Marketing Education:

Today, our small business marketing firm brings you marketing information that will help you think and approach marketing in a different way to drive business results. What can you expect?

  • It’s not (just) about Online Marketing.
  • It’s not (just) about Social Media or Mobile.
  • It’s not (just) about Blogging, Websites, Advertising, Marketing Material, etc.

Today, it’s always a bigger picture. You need to understand all the strategic facets of marketing, and we cover that … for free.

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