September 20, 2012


Why am I the strategic marketing consultant of choice? They say it best …


Had a great meeting this morning with marketing Guru Patrick McFadden of Indispensable Marketing about how to be more Referable. If you need help with marketing and planning how to get more sales you “need” to have a conversation with Patrick!!!

-Adam Stempin, Relocation Expert

Patrick is the real deal. He helped me re-design my marketing message and provided clear and concise coaching on the how to keep my message simple. He is not about a lot of Fluff and really wants to help you get RESULTS.I highly recommend that you hire him if you want to grow your business.

Thomas Ellis, Owner of EWC Consultants

I tagged Patrick on some direction for my LinkedIn workshops. He gave me some excellent advice on implementing a simple strategy that resulted in doubling my ticket sales. I highly recommend Patrick because his expertise in marketing produces solid results!

Yuhannes Watts, Owner of Learn 2 Link

Patrick McFadden is a rare marketing professional. The strategies that he employs are deeply rooted in timeless sales and marketing principles. Having been a self-employed entrepreneur for almost 14 years now, I know that this type of disciplined focus is essential to long-term success. If you want to get better sales and marketing results, then get to know Patrick.

Stephen Lahey, Small Business Sales & Marketing Coach

Indispensable Marketing - The 7 Elements of Small Business Growth - Blurb

As a new business owner, Patrick McFadden has routinely provided me constructive and creative “growth” consultation. Since implementing his advice, I’ve yielded remarkable, positive results. Thank you so much, Patrick for being my go-to marketing guru. I appreciate all of your expert advice and support!!

Regardless of what stage your business is in, Patrick McFadden is a resourceful professional that can be trusted.

Michelle Venable, MBA, President at Red Diamond Technologies, Inc.

I will say that anyone who wants smart, modern marketing ideas that really work, Patrick is your man.

Meghan Codd Walker, Principal at Zuula Consulting, LLC

There are certain special people who come into our lives bringing the ability to look at issues just a bit differently. They are able to come at issues with a 90-degrees different perspective. In the course of doing that, they challenge our assumptions and change our perspectives. Patrick McFadden is one of these special people. Give yourself a gift and spend 30-minutes exploring your world through Patrick’s creative mind. You will find you time well spent. 

R Rushton (“Rush”) Paul, J.D., SPHR, HR and Employment Practices Consultant

Bob Burg Blurb

That is a great approach Patrick – you can’t be everywhere all at once and hope to pull it off. Blog first! Everything we do on social platforms should bring folks to our blog, until then they are Facebook friends – not actual contacts. Love that advice, it’s … well, Indispensable!

-Mike Wolpert Founder, Social Jumpstart

Dr.Julie Connor Twitter Blurb

Patrick is spot on with his advice!

Charlene Burke Partner | SEO Instructor, Online Marketing Pros, LLC

Franchise King loves my blog Blurb

I recently used Patrick’s consulting services and have to say that the experience prompted me to endorse what many others are shouting about him – wise, insightful, simple but effective, his advice is truly indispensable. But for me the standout quality is that Patrick practices what he preaches. Everything he says he does. The great benefit of this to someone like me is that if you don’t quite understand something, simply have a look at how Patrick does it – and there the concept is, laid out before you in all its simplicity.

Chris Gandy, Executive Director, Cause and Effective

Neil Denny Excited!

Great Marketing Tips that are simple, yet profound. Marketing tips that make sense and tips to trust. Great company to follow.

Founder, Nina Treasure Trove

Thanks Patrick that is all awesome advice.

James Fayal, Founder, LauncHive

I have been following Patrick McFadden on both Linkedin and Facebook for approximately 2 years. I have learned so much from Mr. McFadden. He knows everything about everything. I feel so flattered to have a person of his caliber in my corner. Keep up the good work.

Julie Oyler, Business Owner

Patrick, Not only do you give GREAT advice to small business owners for leveraging the power of content marketing – you reminded me I need to “do my own thing” on a regular basis as well.

Bootstrap Business Development, Owner, Reader

Hello Patrick, I have been reading your blogs since I learned about you. I really enjoy reading them. They are concise, straight to the point, and absolutely ZERO nonsense.  Thank you for sharing your insights and experience.  

-Rachael, Reader

I found your blog on Manta recently and have been reading it daily. I get a lot out of it. I think it takes a passion to give to people your knowledge believing that you can influence someone’s life positively inspiring them to be better. I feel that reading your blog daily gives me many ideas to market and promote my business. Thanks for your blog and being consistent. 

Jonathan, Personal Trainer

Patrick, I absolutely love your Indispensable Marketing Blog, you have given me so many ideas! I love the sincerity in your writing, beautiful!

– My Gal Friday, Small Business Outsourcing Solutions

Site bookmarked. Good content, good writing. Thanks.

Hugh Giblin, Business Development | Marketing | Product Development

 Thanks,  for your informative post. We will all be more informed after reading it.  I hope you will continue to share your knowledge-bank with us.

– Moderator Cath, SBOC Moderator (SmallBusinessOnlineCommunity-BankofAmerica)

Patrick McFadden is an artist at ‘Showing vs Telling.’ Telling would only give us more information. However, with building a platform, Patrick shows you how to obtain the results desired by coaching you step-by-step through the process. ”

– Rich Carter, BIM Manager and  Micro-magazine publisher

Excellent work. Rarely have I seen such insight on how social networking works. Patrick McFadden’s comments offer rare insight into the working of social networking. I suggest you read and reread his post with care.

– Wayne English, President
Web Content Rx 

 This guy knows what he’s talking about folks. If you really want to help your business to grow and thrive in today’s world then I highly recommend you perk up an ear and listen to what Patrick McFadden has to say.

Bill Harris, Sales Professional

Patrick McFadden is the authority on marketing in our crowded world, and his blog is resourceful. If you’re longing with something to say, sell, promote, teach or inform in this world, McFadden can teach you how to be indispensable.

– Jarrell Bush, ACE – Certified Personal Trainer

Hey Patrick, I would like to take this time, once again, to thank you for answering my question. In the form of a question, you gave a honest and great answer. I also want to take this time to say I’m honored to endorse you! Keep up the good work and I look forward to building our relationship together. 

-Judah Swagerty, Author, Speaker & Trainer

Shout to my Marketing Genius friend Patrick McFadden. I had a problem coming up with a marketing strategy for my new Group Coaching program that I am about to launch. I met with Patrick and told him about what my goals and within a few days he prepared the campaign. Us Sales Guys really need a GREAT marketing person to help us create the BUZZ. Thanks Patrick.

Thomas Ellis, Owner of EWC Consultants

Simple, yet effective! Excellent post!

Steve Eldridge, Small Business Information & Assistance

Hello Patrick, I first ran across a comment you posted on the BofA Small Business Online Community, and followed over to your blog.  It is a very nice blog, covering many topics that I think are truly helpful to small business owners.  

Leslie Van Zee, Marketing Manager | Vantage Local

Great post, Patrick. Some very insightful statistics!

Ron Catron,  Blog Reader

Your advice was so very, very through. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and offering SO MUCH great advice.

Dan Galloway, Career Development & Transition Specialist

Thanks for this! I knew that social networking was important in business today, but I couldn’t really articulate the reasons for it. I think this will help my company to expand our online presence. Cheers!

Justin, Reader

Thank you Patrick, great advice and well written.

– Katherine Daigle, Candidate for Irvine CityCouncil 2012

Hi Patrick, Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed post. It has cemented what I was starting to realize; that Twitter (and social media in general) is a long term tool about giving and building rather than asking and taking.  Your advice has been most helpful.

Phil Smith, Cleaner & Muse (Owner)

Dear Patrick: It was great to read your response to this critical issue. You offer some great advice.

– Dr. Stephen Jones, (LION) Education expert,

Patrick, well-said! All your posts here are interesting food for thought for us small-business owners. Thanks for sharing all of it. (by the way, Im now a “follower”!)

– Brain Rys, Owner Swingset Solutions

Patrick, Thanks for the advice…you are the man with the plan! I am making the change and I am going to read your secret sauce ! Thanks again

– TJ Martin, Co-Owner of Recon Hosting

Can I simply say what a reduction to seek out someone who really is aware of what they’re speaking about on the internet. You positively know how one can convey a problem to mild and make it important.

Claborn Blogger

Wow! This is one of the most beneficial blogs I have ever come across on the subject.  

Richard Johnson, Reader

Your advice was really helpful. Thank you! I will try to implement  some of those strategies!

-Ann Cool, Business Owner

Right on – rock solid great insight! The Best! Paul 

Paul A (Davenport) Coulter, Personal Leadership and Life Strategist