April 19, 2014

Case Studies

These companies have transformed the way they market with Indispensable Marketing consulting.

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Marketing case studies from our customers

See how companies of all sizes and verticals leverage marketing & our processes and systems to help generate leads and drive revenue.

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Indispensable Marketing Helps Training & Workshop Company Double Sales

Learn2Link.com – LinkedIn Training That Get's Results


Learn2Link is a LinkedIn Training and Workshop Company that teaches sales professionals and business owners how to leverage LinkedIn through engaging training that gets results!

The Problem

Like many small training and workshop businesses, Learn2Link wanted to effectively increase awareness, attendance and sales without heavily spending huge marketing dollars.


Marketing Touchpoints

Key Result: Added referral generation to build trust with prospective customers, increase awareness and workshop sales.

After being introduced by a mutual friend to Indispensable Marketing, Yuhannes consulted with us on marketing strategies to achieve his goal of growing workshop awareness, sales and attendance.

After a brief phone consultation, Indispensable Marketing recommended the best way to approach this was by baking referral generation into the workshops. This referral generation process – known as the “buddy system” – let current attendees – who to some degree already “know, like and trust” Learn2Link – attend a workshop for free or for a discounted rate if they bring one or more guest.


Thanks to their implementation and execution of Indispensable Marketings recommendation, Yuhannes’s workshop sales doubled. “I consulted Indispensable Marketing on some direction for my LinkedIn workshops. They gave me some excellent advice on implementing a simple strategy that resulted in doubling my ticket sales. I highly recommend Indispensable Marketing because they’re expertise in marketing produces solid results!” – Yuhannes Watts , Owner of Learn2Link

Indispensable Marketing Helps Consulting Firm Increase Revenue Through The Art of Differentiation


EWC Logo


EWC Consultants helps sales professionals succeed by offering real-life unparalleled sales tools that changes the way sales professionals conduct their business.

The Problem

Looking to increase revenue through business development EWC Consultants created a new exclusive sales coaching group program. Like most small businesses, it is how the company positions its business to solve a problem that everybody in the industry is having. EWC Consultants wanted a marketing firm that could solve this problem and help discover and communicate a core point of differentiation.


Creating a Unique Core Message

Key Result: Core message was created around focusing on EWC’s ideal participant pain points and desires

After LinkedIn engagements and a brief phone conversation CEO and Founder of EWC Consultants, Thomas Ellis consulted with Indispensable Marketing on “strategy before tactics” approach to increase their sales through exclusive group program.

With the insight and information Indispensable Marketing needed about EWC’s ideal participant and sign up goals, a unique message was created that embraced EWC’s way of delivering an experience.


EWC Consultants group sales exceeded expectations with a 90% sign up rate. “Indispensable Marketing is the real deal. They helped me re-design my marketing message and provided clear and concise coaching on the how to keep my message simple. They are not about a lot of Fluff and really wants to help you get RESULTS. I highly recommend that you hire Indispensable Marketing if you want to grow your business. – Thomas Ellis, Founder and CEO of EWC Consultants

IT Staffing and Consulting Firm Increases Online Engagement, Leads and Awareness with Educational Content Strategy



Red Diamond Technologies, Inc. is an Information Technology Staffing and Consulting Company that’s committed to connecting results-driven and expert Information Technology professionals with job opportunities in Virginia State Government Agencies.

The Problem

Red Diamond Technologies social media marketing efforts were ineffective as the distribution of key messages didn’t generate engagement, awareness and leads as expected.


Educational Content Plan

Key Result: Creation of trust-building educational content to distribute on online hubs. 

To assist in the process of building awareness and trust among prospective IT job seekers, Indispensable Marketing consulted with Michelle Venable, owner of Red Diamond Technologies and determined the best approach to achieve the results desired was by developing educational  content and then distributing that content through multiple online platforms. This approach focuses and adapts to the current behavior of job seekers to proactively gather information when they search online.


With a new focus and content strategy Red Diamonds Technologies engagement increased 70%, the feedback given about the educational content allowed for effective lead qualification, and awareness increased about Red Diamond Technologies.

Indispensable Marketing has routinely provided me constructive and creative “growth” advice. Since implementing, I’ve yielded remarkable, positive results. Thank you so much, Indispensable Marketing for being my go-to marketing guru. I appreciate all of your expert advice and support!! 

Regardless of what stage your business is in, Indispensable Marketing is a resourceful professional that can be trusted.  Michelle Venable, President at Red Diamond Technologies, Inc.

HR Consulting Firm Uses Indispensable Marketing to Improve Educational Marketing Material


R. Rushton Paul Consulting, LLC works with CEOs and business owners to establish employment practices, build effective teams, and drive performance accountability that increase profitability and value.

The Problem

One of the critical marketing materials that R. Rushton Paul Consulting, LLC  employs is a marketing rack card when engaging with potential prospects, educating referral sources, during presentations and as leave behinds. We were consulted to make improvement recommendations on this important tool.


Call-to-Action (CTA)

Key Result: Development of a powerful and compelling CTA 

After reviewing R. Rushton Paul Consulting, LLC  current educational marketing material it was recommended that a clear and compelling call-to-action be stated  in order to maximize this marketing tool and drive profitable customer action.


R. Rushton Paul Consulting, LLC leaves with a call-to-action for driving conversions and one that will prompt a profitable action or draw a prospect deeper into their services.

“There are certain special companies who come into our lives bringing the ability to look at issues just a bit differently. They are able to come at issues with a 90-degrees different perspective. In the course of doing that, they challenge our assumptions and change our perspectives. Indispensable Marketing is one of these special people. Give yourself a gift and spend 30-minutes exploring your world through Indispensable Marketing’s creative mind. You will find you time well spent.” R. Rushton Paul, J.D., SPHR, President, R. Rushton Paul Consulting, LLC

Long & Foster Associate Implements 2-Step Approach For Better Advertising Results

Long & Foster Real Estate: The Total Homeownership Experience


Long and Foster alone has over 11,000 sales associates who are experts in home buying and selling. They help home buyers and sellers search through all of the real estate listings, from purchase to financing to connecting with utilities to remodeling and beyond.

The Problem

Long & Foster associate was tired of chasing down leads that didn’t really want what she had listed. She decided to rev up her marketing efforts with direct mail advertising and consulted Indispensable Marketing on how to use this tool more effectively to generate leads, educate prospective home buyers/sellers and sell more listings.


Lead Generation – Advertising Strategy

Key Result: Client now has a simple creative strategy for making any form of advertising more effective.

After an initial audit of reviewing and refining outgoing direct mail material, researching market conditions and prospective home buyers/sellers interest Indispensable Marketing recommended using a 2 step advertising approach that generates qualified, permission based leads.

The basic idea behind this 2 step approach was to create one or more valuable home buyers/sellers articles, reports, evaluations, checklists or tip sheet.

Then, give this that educational material a catchy title, something like, “How To Tell If Your Real Estate Agent Is Lying To You” or “What Every First-Time Home Buyer Must Know About Mortgage Changes” or “3 Things You Can Do to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar.”

With her value packed educational material, we then implemented direct mail advertising that focused on getting prospective home buyers/sellers to pick up, request or download that educational material. There was no effort to do anything else with the advertising, the goal was to let the educational material sell the Long and Foster associate.


Long & Foster associate was allowed to demonstrate her expertise in a non-threatening, on the prospect’s own terms, way and by focusing on gathering the lead into the educational funnel, her sales conversion became more effective. – Long & Foster Assocaite

Indispensable Marketing Helps Conflict Resolution Firm Develop Marketing Plan


Similar to the Dale Carnegie firm specializing in leadership solutions, the Neil Denny firm specializing in conflict resolution and collaboration solutions. They deliver keynotes and workshops on conflict resolution and collaboration across the UK and North America to groups ranging from 7 up to 700.

The Problem

Neil Denny did not have a well-defined marketing plan, resulting in very reactive and disorganized marketing.  No clear marketing message was communicated to prospective customers, and the branding elements of the business were not coordinated.  Little attempt was made at tracking the return on investment from money spent on marketing, and leads were not being followed up with.  In addition, many elements of Neil’s Denny online marketing (website, social media, etc) were not being utilized to their full effectiveness.  The owner, knew that he was leaving a lot of money on the table due to a lack of a marketing strategy.


Marketing Plan

Key Result: Defined core messaging, core point of differentiation, and marketing process.

After subscribing and following Indispensable’s Blog, Neil enrolled in this special Marketing Jumpstart Program.  The one-month program is designed to help a business create and define a marketing strategy, and then build a set of tactics to serve that strategy.  The program addresses all seven steps to small business marketing success identified in the Indispensable Marketing Process.


With the implementation of a marketing plan and few focused marketing activities Neil’s relationships, leads and sales immediately increased.

I commissioned Patrick to work with my organization as a marketing consultant. In that time he has provided us with the principles and specific actions that we were able to implement to transform how we market ourselves. Patrick’s style is assertive and attentive. He is generous is sharing his experiences, what works and what does not. Perhaps most importantly is that Patrick transformed our work and attitude.

I recommend him wholeheartedly – Thanks Patrick


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