May 11, 2014

Principles of Marketing

Our Founding Principles of Marketing Include:


1) Specifically geared toward small to midsize business owners

We help you determine a marketing strategy and then build your marketing activities around delivering on the strategy.

2) It should be based on customer insight and research, not just guesswork

Stop trying to be all things to a very large market. Concentrate your marketing efforts on a small, niche market and become the dominant player.

3) Instead of price, the primary differentiation elements should be experience, results and context

Find and communicate a difference that allows your prospects to easily see how your business is different from everyone else in the industry and price comparisons go out the door.

4) Always allow prospects to sample your expertise

No one likes to be sold to. Create highly valuable and educational materials, collateral, websites and other forms of communications that allow your prospects to really experience your expertise.

5) Instead of focusing on the sale, aim for permission to take the next step

Let your prospects get to date you through advertising that invites them in for a gift, free assessment, free audit, free analysis, and/or useful information. Get permission, first and then sell.

6) Use technology and the Internet as a tool to empower your business

The Internet provides your small business with a powerful way to automatically attract, educate, connect, convert and serve your clients and prospects.

7) Create a standard of consistent excellence with an acute focus and attention to detail

The best way to move your marketing forward as you run your business is to create an annual calendar and schedule marketing activities every single day.

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