An Opportunity Worth Making a Remark About

Organizations today are struggling to find remarkable people and after realizing that a remarkable hire is worth far more than an average one, or even a very good one. They are going to great lengths to hire them.

From my viewpoint here’s what’s missing from the job equation: organizations, companies, and corporations try to treat opportunities like property and as a result, often end up treating themselves as property. All opportunities are equal, our opportunity is less travel and we pay above the average, call us. Sure, organizations all brag about the work environment, structure,  and benefits, but at the end of the day there’s no differentiation.

But what if you were different?

Just as a wow product becomes worth making a remark about–not because of the marketing claims, but because it really is worth making a remark about–a wow job can be the same thing. I’d use the creativity, time, and energy in a different way. Instead of trying to be funny viral, I’d be authentic viral. Let me feel the leadership, texture, and warmth of the boss, the office, and the work.

Sell the opportunity, not the opening.

Of course, this isn’t easy, but neither is marketing anything that is remarkable.