Anticipated, Personal and Relevant

I just received some spam email from a particular company that I will not name, but just because you got hold of my email and you think it’s important that I see your newsletter (by the way, that’s all about you) doesn’t mean it’s important to me. This brings me to my point:

“Knowing by permission who wants to hear from you and earning the privilege of sending them anticipated, personal, and relevant messages is very important. So important, I think this is the asset of the future for every business and profession.”

The reason most people and most organizations fail at this is because they’re using every medium that allows them to send a message of some kind to spam people. They think it’s just like TV, but on the internet.

But just because you can send a message and you think it’s important, doesn’t mean it’s important to the recipient. And even though the cost of sending that message was $0, it doesn’t mean you have the right to do so.

It’s not difficult to get your word out. There’s more than a million blogs, thousands of news sites, thousands of internet radio shows, and thousands of newsletters.

The thing that’s difficult is finding the people who care enough to listen or read your message and that find it anticipated, personal and relevant.

And this may include changing what you talk about.

Question: Have you been spammed by a message that wasn’t anticipated, personal and relevant?