Are you leaving traces?

The best way to create remarkable is from the attributes inherent to the product itself. (Which really means stop advertising and start innovating!)

One group of products that I want to bring to your attention are products that leaves traces.

Some products spread because they leave traces of themselves behind. For example, in the early days of desktop publishing  software often left a message on the artwork such as “I used Photoshop” or “I used my Mac.”

Well, in today’s world there is a product that leaves traces and we use it almost everyday. Can you guess what it is?

Your email from your mobile device. Remember seeing this signature, “Sent from Yahoo Mail on android”, “Sent from Gmail on android”.

Now let me show you how I use this to my advantage: If you receive an email from me when I’m using my mobile device at the bottom you will not find, “Sent from Yahoo Mail on android”, it will say,  “Sent from “The Indispensable Marketing Expert”.

Question: What will your trace say?