At the heart of every transaction

At the heart of every transaction is TRUST.

Now there’s a really big gap between someone being aware of you (which is really hard) and someone trusting you, enough to invest in you or buy from you.

In a recent post called “The sequence for successful selling – of anything” I note that the biggest part of the sequence is developing rapport and trust. In fact, it represents 40% of the process.

Marketing enhances this trust and rapport with: signs, mailings, radio ads, appearances, newsletters, product and service delivery, blogs, podcasting, and etc. All of these support the LIKE, KNOW, and TRUST pillars we hear about for people to buy.

Note: The selling part isn’t about always having every prospecting, presentation, and closing technique mastered. It’s mostly about establishing trust, being credible, and making sure you’re offering and communicating value to your prospective buyer.