Being Indispensable is by Choice

Remember how many times in your life you’ve been given a choice.  You can go to the party OR you can study for your exam.  You can start working now OR you can go to college. Were you really forced to choose only one?

No, but what I do believe is that the people, products, and services that end up “ indispensable” don’t get oppress with the Tyranny of the OR, which pushes people to think things must be either A OR B, but not both.  Instead, these people, products, or services liberate themselves with the Genius of the AND.

You can

  • Start generating income AND go to school
  • Have a platform (job) where you are passionate about the work AND get great pay
  • Be strategic AND innovative
  • Set goals AND be spontaneous
  • Go to college AND stay debt-free
  • Drive a sports car AND be responsible

Don’t get caught in artificial OR choices.   In most situations you can choose to be indispensable by looking for AND solutions and enjoy the best of both.  Remember the Genius of the AND is part of becoming INDISPENSABLE.