March 1, 2020

Business to Government Marketing Services

We help (B2G) government contractors present their business as capable, professional, and successful at doing the work they’re trying to win

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Why You Need a Government Marketing Process?

Do any of these problems exist in your business today?

  • You’re targeting all government agencies and decision-makers with generic messages and generic documents
  • You feel like your business’s name and capabilities need to be strengthen in decision-makers minds as the obvious choice with the capacity to perform
  • You’re not sure what online marketing tactics make sense right now for mitigating perceived risk, building trust with government decision makers, and supporting your business development efforts
  • You seem to be attracting and having meetings with the wrong types of teaming partners and primes
  • You are struggling to finds ways to promote your differentiators that allow you to stand out from the competition

How Our B2G Marketing Process Works

Create a targeted strategy!

The key to succeeding in the current environment is targeting the proper partners, government agencies and understanding what decision makers are within those agencies.

Build a positioning for success!

Developing the differentiators that impress the range of decision-makers takes time and effort. This also helps the government see you as less risky than your competition and offer clear reasons for why your company is worth awarding a contract to.

Turn up the engagement, trust and visibility!

We build your proactive marketing process that incorporate ways of offering unique digital experiences to your audience and aligned with the individual efforts of your business development or capture person assigned to that target.

What a Business to Government (B2G) Marketing Process Includes:

Government Marketing Strategy Engagement

Remember, a successful marketing process will never produce results without successful planning behind it.

  1. Initial Getting Started Discovery Meeting
  2. Decision-Maker Research
  3. Past Performance/ Capabilities Research
  4. Debriefing (Win/Loss) Research
  5. Buyer Journey Map
  6. Targeted Strategies
  7. Presentation of Findings

The entire process takes about 60 days and involves three-six meetings with you and your team.

Then we build the right ongoing and continuous (B2G) Business to Government implementation package for your business.

Note: Every government contracting firm understands that as part of their marketing they must-have a website, but not all B2G websites are created equal. Knowing the essential elements will make your website an indispensable tool in business development efforts, and most B2G websites lack some or all of these essential elements.

Example Business to Government packages typically include some combination of the following tactics.

These marketing programs for government contractors require a 6-12 month commitment.

Here is a list of example monthly summaries and reports we can include:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Report – including an SEO score, rank analysis, link building, on-site analysis, website accessibility, trust metrics and current indexing
  • Expertise Analysis – including if your audience is exposed to your thought leadership content (i.e., are you successfully demonstrating your expertise?). Common metrics include blog views, downloads of your premium content, guest posts, webinar attendees and attendance at speaking events.
  • Analytics Summary – including how visible you are to your target audience. Common metrics include total website traffic (web traffic rises with increased visibility), social media traffic and attendance at events.

Most government contractors do not have enough time, resources and too many distractions to execute ongoing (B2G) government marketing. That’s too bad, because… this marketing, when successful, can make all the difference for presenting your business as capable, professional, and successful at doing the work you’re trying to win.

Let us help successfully market your government contractor business

As a business to government marketing firm we developed this marketing process for the government contractor who wants what most contractors miss out on: continuous marketing.

This marketing as a process targets all decision-makers and involves a messaging process performed throughout the year alongside the ongoing individual efforts of your business development or capture person. Rarely do companies perform both processes simultaneously. And it is even more rare that this is done well, with appropriate messages crafted for each layer of decision-maker. This translates to different messaging for the program layer, other messaging for the contracting layer and yet different messaging for the small business representatives.

Fee $2,000 – $5,000/mo

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