Can I help you design the next marketing blueprint to maximize profits and increase customers for your business?

Every time I’ve wanted big leaps in my own success, I’ve enlist the help of the best coaches and instructors I can afford.  I’m personally too impatient to learn the slow way, making mistakes and guessing about the best direction.  I’ve had a career coach, a financial coach, a blog coach, a platform coach, a marketing coach, a business coach and a selling coach.

Working with a marketing coach is often the first step business owners take when looking for a starting point, or wanting to quickly make their organization more marketable and user-friendly, or jump-start customer acquisition and eventually acquire sales, or anticipating new changes in business. If the need to take your marketing to a whole new level has come unexpectedly, it’s easy for self-confidence to be low and frustration to be high, with the effects of these spilling over into other areas of your life. You are capable of doing many of the things required for effective marketing, but the real question is, Will you?

A coaching process is not traditional counseling. While counseling focuses on the past, coaching is very future oriented. Our methods are more of a hybrid between coaching and consulting – we don’t do it for you, we do it with you.

We work with clients on setting priorities and goals, identifying your businesses “unique value, benefits and competitive advantage,” and walking with you through the steps of taking action that will lead to profits and enable you  to take your marketing to a whole new level of success.

Would you like to…

  • Attract all the customers and clients your small business can handle?
  • Significantly increase what you charge for your products and services?
  • Have complete control over creating a steady and predictable flow of new business

Now is the perfect time to decide what 2014 will bring.  Just review the brief information here and I’ll get back to you with some suggestions.  Imagine and Implement: How to Market Your Business in 2014