Indispensable People (What Matters Now)

The following people are artist . I wrote a previous post about this, you can find it here. In that post I state, “that an artist is a  person who can influences others, can lead customers, and management.”  They use bravery, insight, creativity, and boldness to challenge the status quo,  and takes it personally. Art can’t happen without someone Read more about Indispensable People (What Matters Now)[…]

The “right” time frame

Dairy cattle (also called dairy cows or milk cows) are cattle cows bred for the ability to produce large quantities of milk, but initially the cow upfront costs the farmer more time and money. The farmer understands the “right” time frame,  and that overtime the dairy cattle will produce large amounts of milk over her lifetime. The too big to fail companies can start a project Read more about The “right” time frame[…]

How to prove how indispensable you think a product or service is?

One of the blogs I read is Michael Hyatt’s he is the former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the seventh largest trade book publishing company in the U.S and you can find him at On one of his post back in 2010  he interviewed Seth Godin on his book Linchpin. At the end of Read more about How to prove how indispensable you think a product or service is?[…]

Unanimous is NOT a crowd pleaser

When you do indispensable work, remarkable work, work that changes mindsets and work that matters, it’s unthinkable that the change you’re trying to make will be confronted with complete approval. Trying to please everyone will brand your efforts as flat( like a soda), and frustrate your forward motion, and leave you ultimately having a date Read more about Unanimous is NOT a crowd pleaser[…]

How You Can Build More Trust and Develop Better Relationships?

An organization with people on the ground, that’s alert and has an eye for attention to detail can build more trust and develop better relationships than one than hits and runs. We know that relationships of any kind are better when the details aren’t missed but recognized. Contact every user who stops using your service Read more about How You Can Build More Trust and Develop Better Relationships?[…]

4 Ways to Build Your Tribe

Marketing (Advertising) is obviously not dead, but, in the social media world, it has morphed. The new marketing of today is tribe-building . Marketing (Advertising) is no longer about interrupting the marketplace with your media messages. It is about two-way conversation—in other words, engagement.. Marketing (Advertising) is no longer about retail distribution and sales (generating transactions). It is Read more about 4 Ways to Build Your Tribe[…]