Converting your viral traffic – the indispensable way

Going viral is cool. It’s a miracle when it works considering all the noise and you know what Rick Warren says about miracles, “Miracles don’t occur very often.If they happened all the time, they wouldn’t be called miracles.”

Online everyone has one purpose: to connect. And have that connection help them get tweeted, liked, mentioned on a blog, spread by email, so they can watch the numbers go up and up.

Here’s the issue: The same way businesses print coupons and most of that traffic it generates never converts into long time customers, drive-by viral traffic doesn’t convert. 15,000 visitors might end up buying  0 items.

What it all boils down to is, if you want to get elected President of the United States or in any other office, make a sale, or change minds, you can’t survive on viral traffic, even if the wave is category five.

OK, so now your eyes cloud over and you’re saying Patrick I get it, but “how do I get peoples attention in the first place?” The answer is to create an idea that will spread like a virus, an ideavirus. And then, as it spreads like the flu, don’t attempt a sales pitch, just merely work to earn the privilege of a follow up, earn the permission to send relevant, anticipated  and personal messages, the opportunity to reconnect over time. By phone, email, or reputation.

So, please stop asking, “How many eyeballs are passing by?” If you are measuring that it’s like measuring how many “likes” you have today, it doesn’t translate.  All that matters is, “how many people want to hear from you tomorrow?”

Don’t try to convert strangers into customers. It’s ineffective and wasteful. Instead:

Turn strangers into friends.

Turn friends into customers.

And then… do the most vital job:

Turn your customers into salespeople.