Creating Scarcity

Bestseller, topseller, and other list are everywhere, mostly because they work.

They work because deep down, everyone wants to be part of the few.

If you’re in an industry with no bestseller list, do your best to create one.

The easiest way to have insiders is to have outsiders.

The credit card company American Express has made billions by selling the black card that others can’t get.

And of course, the top nightclubs have the biggest red velvet ropes and the pickiest security at the door.

Limiting the supply of your service, or the quantity of your product, or being aggressive in who you sell to (and who you don’t) or  who makes your list are all time-tested ways to build an indispensable brand. Humans like being insiders, and will work hard to create their own imaginary demarcations to demonstrate that they’ve made it inside.