What Effective Marketing and Selling Looks Like

Well, for starters if you have a very tight budget, it’s of no significance at all. What?

The things that you need to do, don’t require a big budget, but effective implementation and an execution plan. In fact the things that you might be temped to spend money on, if you had a big budget are probably worthless.

So, here is what I would encourage anybody who wants to get into a professional service business of any kind to do.

Goes like this:

  • Developing rapport and trust – 40% of the process. Do a podcast, write a blog, produce a video blog, speak at events, business network, become a resource and etc. Marketing is made up of many things working together not just one.
  • Identifying Needs – 30% of the process. From developing trust and rapport your prospects will start to trust you enough to tell you their problem.
  • Product Presentation – 20% of the process. Once that happens you then present your solution.
  • Closing – 10% of the process. Agreement to solve their problem.

So anytime you get within three feet of somebody you tell them what it is you’re doing. All of us have seen the insurance and real estate agents that do this, they shove a business card at you and say, “call me.”

That technique executed that way is not real effective but you must be comfortable enough that whenever you get near someone and they say, “How are you doing?” You say, “I’m really excited, I’m doing this new thing xxxx”.

Action Item: Go ask each of the people who seek your advice and opinion already for the names of three people who could use my help.