Franchising the News

If you walk through restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, hair salons, or any place that has a waiting area, you’ll more than likely will see a publication called Coffee News.

Oh, you never heard them?

Well, Coffee News is  the world’s largest weekly restaurant publication delivered FREE.  It is a quick read while you are waiting for food or service. Its light-hearted, family-friendly entertainment consisting of unusual stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, horoscopes, etc. appeals to people of all ages. Coffee News states  it is, “guaranteed to make you smile and is a refreshing alternative to the hard news of today.”

But that’s not what’s remarkable about Coffee News. What’s remarkable about coffee news is that it offers an ideal home-based business. Ranked in the top 500 franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine, Coffee News is also one of the top low-cost franchises offering prospective publishers a high return on investment.

It used to be that a franchise was a building or retail space. The franchise was an alternative to building ‘chain stores‘ to distribute goods that avoids the investments and liability of a chain. But when you look at the franchise business model of Coffee News, it has no building, no assembly line, just you and your laptop ( which are the means of production).