Friday Update – will I see you in 2013? (Plus a business tip that blows your mind)

Greetings on the last Friday of the year – just some quick notes from me – Patrick

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”― Zig Ziglar

I’ve heard that quotation before and now is time to use it for motivation. I will begin a new project 2013. A weekly newsletter. My hope is that individuals like yourself, organizations, and companies promote the newsletter as a valuable resource for their audiences.

Now’s the perfect time to plan how you are going to invest in yourself this next year.  I recommend a specific budget for books, seminars, workshops, themed cruises, etc.  No one attains success by themselves that’s why taking advantage of this connection economy to connect with others, build your platform and grow relationships will be indispensable.  You don’t have to have a boss or employees, but you still have to be connected to others whose skills complement your own.

Also here’s a business planning tip for 2013 that will allow you to have a NEW business every three years, and blow the competition away by being fresh, engaging and relevant. You ready? Every year look for 15% of your products and services to discontinue. Why discontinue? Because if the glass is full the only way to make room is to pour some out.  Now, if you apply this strategy to your business you’ll notice that in 3 years, 45% of your business will be either new or up to date. How cool is that! You strategically changed your business and it wasn’t painful.

Hey – this is going to be an incredible year. Let’s all commit to being our very best as we learn “Marketing Advice That’s Absolutely Essential For Success”.

Have a spectacular New Year – Patrick McFadden