Content Marketing explained in layman’s terms

Content marketing means that your spectacular achievement will usually be preceded by unspectacular preparation. The sweat, the tears, and the blood (figuratively speaking) of spending years to build a profitable platform.

Implementing content marketing  also suggests you’re prepared to get rich slow, which isn’t a bad thing because the speed at which you receive money will determine the speed at which you spend it. 

Content marketing also means that over that period of time you will build a platform, and a loyal list of 1,000 true fans, and  that list of fans will eventually buy up every product from seminars or teleseminars, books, live events, workshops, or audio files.

What I have observe as a marketer is that many people ignore the fundamentals of making any content marketing campaign great and simply hope that others will find them and share their content. Any platform, list, tribe, community or etc. must blend three fundamental components: (1) Creating and Sharing (2) Target Content Sharing and (3) Permission

Lacking clarity in any of those will cause you to fail.  So let’s take a deeper look at what they mean:

  1. Creating and sharing. Creating and sharing compelling and remarkable FREE content will attract prospects and convert them into customers, and customers become loyal fans.
  2. Target Content Sharing. The type of content you should be sharing should also be closely related to what you sell; in other words, you’re educating people so that they know, like, and trust you enough that they understand the value, they trust you to deliver the value and they pay you for it.
  3. Permission. You earn your audience’s opt-in permission to deliver relevant, anticipated  and personal messages, the opportunity to reconnect over time. By phone, email, or reputation. Stop asking, How many eyeballs are passing by? If you are measuring that it’s like measuring how many “likes” you have today, it doesn’t translate.  All that matters is, how many people want to hear from you tomorrow?

To review: compelling and remarkable content gets shared, creates a 1,00 true fans, that you have a trust and rapport with over time.