Great Marketing Makes All The Difference

Relationships are the lifeblood of your business, my business,  heck everyone’s business whether small, big, or start-up.  It is what keeps it moving forward. The goal is always to create profitable customer/client relationships because those relationships are the key to building a sustainable and profitable business.

In a more connected and content driven world —particularly one that has powered by the internet—things get very tactical. There’s too much noise, too many choices and too much clutter. The battle is no longer just about vying for sale transactions; it is about competing for relationships that provide lifetime value. What worked for a century (100 years) does not work today. What works today may not necessarily work next year.

This is where great marketing makes all the difference. Marketing is more than advertising, and promotion. It is about developing trust and rapport (a relationship) through: signs, mailings, radio ads, appearances, newsletters, product and service delivery, blogs, podcasting, etc.

In a fast pace, high-tech and connected world like today, too many businesses focus on strategies and tactics. Losing sight that every relationship and transaction is predicated on one thing: TRUST. There’s a really big gap between someone being aware of you (which is really hard) and someone trusting you, enough to invest in you or buy from you.

Question: Does your marketing build trust and rapport?