Are You Sitting on Top of the Greatest Opportunities the World Has Ever Given Us?

You now have websites for nearly every need or want. eLance99Designscontemporaryva,  craigslist and ubid will bring pretty much any product or service to your front door step. But what if you want someone to run down to the store on a windy and snowy night to pick up dog food?

That exact situation is what prompted Leah Busque to start Today the site has more than 5,000 runners in California, Illinois,Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. Like some of the sites I’ve listed above, on TaskRabbit the runners bid on doing a job from:

  • Running to the grocery store,
  • assembling furniture,
  • physically waking someone up each morning,
  • prank call a coworker, and
  • standing in line at the DMV are all actual recent tasks completed.

In an article about TaskRabbitit’s reported that the site takes from 12 to 30% of the fee collected. Some runners are bringing in as much as $5000 a month and are excited about the opportunity. Stories are coming in from people who were unemployed or underemployed who appreciate the variety and the chance to be their own boss. As I’ve pointed out before, times of “change” always give birth to entrepreneurial ventures.

Yes, there are a couple of competitors already:



With ideas like this you can benefit by providing the service or by starting another website where you collect the 20%. All you need to do to have success is take an idea that is already common, and do it 10% better.

Question: What idea do you have where you can do something 10% better or provide added value to be successful?