June 4, 2014


Patrick McFadden is known for Creating
Environments Where You Can See Possibilities

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Not afraid to tell it like he sees it, Patrick McFadden is a marketing practitioner rooted in the notion of “a process approach to marketing” in today’s business world and betting on one’s market differentiation to ensure a path to success and growth. Patrick will leave your audience educated, highly-informed, and begging for more.

Image result for rush paul richmondThere are certain special people who come into our lives bringing the ability to look at issues just a bit differently. They are able to come at issues with a 90-degrees different perspective. In the course of doing that, they challenge our assumptions and change our perspectives. Patrick McFadden is one of these special people. Give yourself a gift and spend 30-minutes exploring your world through Patrick’s creative mind. You will find you time well spent.

R Rushton (“Rush”) Paul, J.D., SPHR, HR Consultant

 Image result for thomas ellis sales professional;This guy knows what he’s talking about folks. If you really want to help your business to grow and thrive in today’s world then I highly recommend you perk up an ear and listen to what Patrick McFadden has to say.

Thomas Ellis, Cheif Sales Coach


amexAmerican Express OpenForum calls Patrick McFadden a marketing thought leader and Manta exclusively named him as a person to follow.


2017-2018 Speaking and Panel Guest List:

Jan 02, 2018
Founder and Marketing Consultant of Indispensable Marketing Reveals How to Create a Marketing Process That Is Perfect for Your Business
Sep 09, 2017
Stress-Free Selling: Marketing Expert Reveals The Secret to Eliminate the Need to Sell
Aug 12, 2017
Patrick McFadden on How to Discover and Find Your Ideal Customer at the Growing Your Sales Conference
Jul 01, 2017
IMC USA’s Largest Chapter, National Capital Region will Have Patrick McFadden Speak On The Top Three Ways For Consultants to Make Social Media Really Pay
Jun 17, 2017
Patrick McFadden speaks to business students at Virginia Commonwealth University
Jun 02, 2017
Patrick McFadden on the 3 Ways to Make Social Media Really Pay
May 13, 2017
Patrick McFadden will usher in introductory keynote at one day trade show, conference & networking event
Apr 08, 2017
Patrick McFadden speaks to business students at Virginia State University
Mar 14, 2017
This small business marketing expert, marketing practitioner, and thought-leader will shake up the US Department of Transportation (DOT) Bonding Education Program
Feb 11, 2017
Patrick McFadden on How to Generate a Flood of New Business by Referral
Feb 02, 2017
Patrick McFadden will share his knowledge about entrepreneurship as one the brightest young entrepreneurs, breakout talents and change agents under 40
Jan 02, 2017
President and Marketing Consultant of Indispensable Marketing to Make Guest Appearance on Business Show

Patrick McFadden is a small business strategic marketing expert.

He changes the way small businesses think and approach developing marketing strategy and executing marketing plans. His marketing advice can be seen on media outlets such as Yahoo! Small Business Advisor, INC., American Express OpenForum, Business2Community, WRVA 1140AM, and Greater Richmond Small Business Development Center.

meganI will say that anyone who wants smart, modern marketing ideas that really work, Patrick is your man.

Meghan Codd Walker, Principal at Zuula Consulting, LLC

Patrick’s Most Popular Topics Include:

The Importance of Educational Content

20 – 60 minutes  -or-  Half-Day Workshop

Marketing has changed more in the last 20 years than any other business discipline. Far more than accounting or management. Why are we relying on the same-old marketing techniques? Why are organizations marketing in a fashion that doesn’t resonate with current prospects?

We’ve built this presentation for the business owner and organization of today. Learn how to compete, build know, like and trust, educate, be found and convert sales through educational content.

You will learn:

  • How to create content that builds trust and educates your prospect
  • The best way to sell
  • How to develop content that drives results
  • How to present your offering to limit a no decision

Not able to attend a seminar or workshop? Get started today with our free eBook: 7 Components of a Successful Marketing Plan 

5 Things Your Business Must Do The Right Way to Grow

20 – 60 minutes  -or-  Half-Day Workshop

In my work as a strategic marketing consultant, there is a never-ending list of things businesses must do in order to grow. It’s just a fact, and that fact is exploited by plenty of vendors that want to sell you things that may or may not actually move you towards growth.

If your business has experienced any growth, there comes a time when a company approaches you with an service or product that seems to address your need, but in fact, is so detrimental it may actually erode your business.

  • The best way to advertise your business
  • Make referrals automatic
  • Gain third party proof
  • Locate the best way to get customers
  • Gain repeat business

Not able to attend the seminar or workshop? Get started today with our free eBook: 7 Components of a Successful Marketing Plan 

Patrick has presented for the following organizations:

Additional Information and Speaking Fee

Contact us to discuss customize topic ideas, panelist opportunities, half day or full day workshops, seminars and individual presentations fees.

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