September 30, 2012

Marketing Programs and Services For Small Business

Be the service business that prospects think of first

We take a process approach to marketing so owners of small to midsize companies will increase visibility among ideal clients and grow.

Our clients understand that today’s buyer has changed the way they want to find, engage, shop and buy from businesses. They know they must change the way they market and position their business in a competitive and crowded marketplace if they want to continue to grow.

But often, our clients come to us feeling overwhelmed by spam calls from fake Google representatives, digital marketing salespeople, small business advertisers and the overall idea of what’s involved in marketing today. Determining where to start, or how to improve what they already have is challenging. Many question the bottom-line effectiveness of their:

  • messaging
  • website
  • online marketing and advertising
  • marketing materials
  • lead generation activities

They are also tired of marketing vendors promoting “get more leads, get found, and take over the world” message, but not delivering on the results.

These are just a few reasons why our clients look to our process approach to marketing to gain clarity about future marketing and business development opportunities and we help them by providing valuable insight to:

Focus on fewer things!

The key to succeeding in the current environment is to master two or three channels at the most and commit to going deeply there – less is more.

Get past industry jargon!

Developing the differentiation that attracts your ideal client takes courage. Our process approach to marketing avoids industry jargon and the internal politics that poison a powerful strategy.

Build on what works!

We build your marketing strategy with proven principles that we’ve used and seen work, first-hand — and are supported by our research.

Because our clients view us as a strategic partner and not a vendor, they value an ongoing open, honest, and transparent dialogue as we guide them along their journey.

Once a marketing action plan has been established, we then guide our clients through implementation to build a marketing process. As a part of that process, we sometimes manage marketing execution: website design, graphic design and online marketing for our clients, and provide outsourced marketing support services to help implement their processes moving forward such as:

  • Online lead generation (PPC, SEO, social media advertising, email capture forms)
  • Printed material for direct mail campaigns
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Offline lead generation (Powerpoint presentations, promotional items)
  • Digital marketing (website developers, review and reputation management, blogs)
  • Brand Identity (graphic designer, creative agency, etc.)

Our Process Approach

Our process approach to marketing brings a fact-based and more effective engagement for small business owners in the form of collaboration. We believe in empowering and equipping you for growth, what does this mean for you?

 We don’t take over your marketing, we collaborate on your marketing.

This approach brings the greatest value possible for business owners of growing small to midsize businesses.

Marketing Strategy & DevelopmentManaged Marketing

Marketing Strategy Consulting Services

  • Ideal Customer Profile – Profiles for each of your market segments including an overview of their, challenges, timing triggers, priority initiatives, success factors, perceived barrier, buying process, and decision criteria.
  • Marketing Messages – A clearly defined difference, positioning statement, unique educating proposition (UEP) and messaging for using your difference when reaching different target markets.
  • Marketing Program Strategy – 4-6 of your highest-level strategies mapped out including detailed tactics to help achieve these strategies.
  • Content Strategy – Content calendar including the following elements: 12 monthly topics, types of content, and monthly goals for each type of content.
  • Customer Journey Audit – Brainstorm session with your consultant and members of your team to come up with touchpoint plan for each of the 5 phases of the Journey: awareness, educate, sample, purchase and refer.
  • Competitive Analysis – Snapshot report on competitive factors for 3-5 of your top competitors.  High-level summaries including position in market, how they attract and convert customers, website factors,  and reviews.
  • Online Marketing Plans – Develop a plan to aggressively achieve business goals first, then address how that can be achieved through your online marketing.
  • Social Media Plans – Develop a plan to align your social media participation and engagement to meet marketing and business objectives.
  • Repeat Business Plans – Develop a plan to systematically influence repeat business including a step-by-step process to enhance and support retention goals.
  • Referrals Plans – Develop a plan to systematically ask and remind referral sources for referral leads including a step-by-step program to install.

Marketing Plan Development

  • Audit of your current marketing assets and competition with improvement recommendations
  • Development of ideal customer profile to better understand the characteristics, behaviors and preferred communication channels of profitable customers
  • Discovery or creation of unique positioning strategy to communicate how you’re different from your competitors
  • Producing marketing messages to distribute throughout your tactical plan moving forward
  • Conduct brand audit of all company touchpoints to analyze and document how you incorporate your unique position into these branding elements
  • Map out your organization’s customer journey to align marketing programs, collateral, content, campaigns, and processes
  • Outline your online marketing plan around specific business and marketing goals
  • Build a successful roadmap for a lead generation plan that attracts prospects
  • Collaborate with your chief sales person to interview for the development of a repeatable and effective sales process
  • Install marketing plan as a process into everyday business and marketing efforts. Work to initiate or integrate CRM tools with marketing plan and develop customer journey and marketing automation based on journey development

Managed Strategy and Plan Services – Delivery, Time Frame and Payment Arrangements

1-on-1 Phone Based or On-Site
Time frame:
3 months – 6 months
$5,000-$30,000 total plan or strategy development project

Managed Marketing Services

This engagement is for the small business owner or small business marketing executive who doesn’t have a shortage of great ideas, just the implementation and execution of those great ideas. If you find your deadlines aren’t being met, you have tons of outside interruptions (calls, meetings, emails, etc.) and another marketing activity didn’t get done. You NEED managed marketing.

You must have a way for your marketing plan to be implemented in the manner you prescribed.




  • Strategy Planning
  • Keyword Plan
  • Content Plan
  • Blog Post Production
  • Business Directory
  • Weekly Updates
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Strategy Planning
  • Keyword Plan
  • Content Plan
  • Blog Post Production
  • Business Directory
  • Weekly Updates
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Optimizations
  • Strategy Planning
  • Keyword Plan
  • Content Plan
  • Blog Post Production
  • Business Directory
  • Weekly Updates
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Optimizations
  • Marketing Material/Graphics
  • Online Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Sales Process
  • Social Media Production


Remember, a successful marketing plan will never produce results without successful implementation, and then successful execution behind it.

  • Developing an accountability system and managing your marketing activities
  • Incorporating measuring and control tools to monitor initiatives
  • Producing a marketing management accountability checklist
  • Scheduling weekly review meetings to ensure effectiveness of planned marketing

Managed Marketing Services – Delivery, Time Frame & Payment Arrangements

1-on-1 Phone Based or On-Site
Time frame:
6 month – 12 months
$1,500-$10,000 per month

What Can You Expect?

Regardless of the project, Indispensable Marketing’s goal is to help your business find new opportunities for growth and achieve break-through results. (Be fully confident that nothing is required in advance of meeting and brainstorming your marketing. Only when both you and Indispensable Marketing agree that clarity can be achieved are fees received.)

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