September 11, 2014

Ongoing Strategic Consulting


Priority Access connects you with an Strategic Marketing Consultant who is fully dedicated to helping you succeed and is experienced in providing guidance on how to develop the processes needed to reach your goals. Your Strategic Marketing Consultant uses what you share with them about your business to create custom Quarterly Strategy Reports (QSRs) that help you better leverage your marketing plan and strategy. Your Consultant is available to you and your team for an hour-long session each month to discuss the strategy outlined in these reports.

What’s Included

A monthly strategy session with a Indispensable Marketing Consultant. This time should be used to address your top priorities, and can include:

  • Goal-oriented, big-picture strategy conversations
  • Campaign planning
  • Progress check-ins to keep you on target for your top projects
  • Hands-on working sessions
  • Process training

A customized Quarterly Strategy Report designed to provide proactive recommendations on how you can better reach your goals and get the most value out of the Indispensable Marketing based on your unique business case.

Key Details

Price: $350 per month

Setting: Remote

Level: Business owner or Executive