How Clients Find You Ladder

If you run a consulting practice there is a ladder which your clients use when looking for consultants.Like most consumers, your future clients hate hard-sell tactics. Your future clients no longer hire consultants solely because of a firm’s brand name, advertisements, or direct solicitations, such as cold calls and direct mail.

Instead, they turn to their invisible networks of colleagues and the Internet. And they usually know quite a bit about you before they contact you—particularly about your qualifications to help them.

Here’s the “How Client’s Find You Ladder” strategy in the following order:

Step 1. Referrals from colleagues and other in their networks
Step 2. Past experience
Step 3. Internal research staff recommendations
Step 4. Advice from industry analysts
Step 5. Web-based research
Step 6. Business and trade press reports
Step 7. Trade shows and conferences

Question: How does your strategy to get clients match with how they search?