How Do You Get Customers to Talk About You?

Today it doesn’t matter whether you’re selling widgets, homes, services, or cars. You must be an authentic and transparent person. You must care about the customer. At the heart of every transaction is TRUST and there’s a really big gap between someone being aware of you (which is really hard) and someone trusting you, enough to buy from you.

The days of pouring dollars into mass platforms like the Yellow Pages, Bill Boards, and print aren’t over but you must understand that these platforms don’t convert as well as they used to.  And aren’t effective as they used to be. These platforms used to bring attention to your business, but the eyeballs aren’t they anymore. The cheese has moved.

So when you think about it, “where is the attention of someone who’s 20-45 years old?” Obviously it’s on a social network. Some people spend 6 hours a day on average on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. This is where the attention is no matter what you sell.

You have to always be looking be for where the attention is of your customer and then do your marketing there. Now, here’s where the indispensable part comes in, the essential part of the equation. You actually have to be a person and care and give and inform and educate and put forth effort.

The days of pitching your customer and advertising different features but never-changing the actual product are gone. You must be honest, authentic and transparent to win in today’s economy.

How do you get customers to talk about you and show that you’re honest, authentic and transparent?

  1. Care-First. Show that you care, first. While every business wants to talk instead you want to listen. Instead of creating a Facebook fan page, or a twitter account, or joining LinkedIn groups to push out your messages. Ask your prospects and customers,  ”what confuses them about your industry?”, “What problems are most pressing?”, “What would they like to know?”
  2. Educate-Second. Educate your prospects and customers. I believe this should be a goal for any business. Educating and informing prospects and customers creates an engaged tribe or platform, not just a large one. You need to create ways that educates, that helps the leads grow and learn. This will keep leads coming back for more.
  3. Think Long-Term-Third. The moment you start thinking: “make the sell today” your prospects and customers, smell it on you. Your thoughts become your actions and your actions become your reputation.  The asset of the future is if you know by permission who wants to hear from you and you earn the privilege of sending anticipated, personal, and relevant messages to these people. And if you can do that there will be a line out the door, and a waiting list of people who want to do business with you.

Question: How many people want to hear from you tomorrow? How many people are willing to give you their precious attention?