How Do You Get Word-of-Mouth Started

The internet has fueled one important component to marketing your business: word-of-mouth. Yes, with the advent of social media technologies word-of-mouth is faster, and more powerful. You could say word-of-mouth is on steroids and hanging out with Roger Clemens.

But there still begs the question: how do you get word-of-mouth started?

No questions asked, it begins by creating a remarkable product. And if anyone tells you that, you’ll definitely get no argument out of me. This is the foundation of building a brand and creating evangelist. People only choose to talk about something that’s worth making a remark about. To quote advertising expert David Ogilvy, “Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster.” And you don’t want a bad or average product because the word-of-mouth actually works against your product.

Question: Do you have a product that is worth making a remark about?