How one restaurant creates a remarkable product

Sometimes when I speak with business owners about being remarkable, they seem to get it. But they don’t. Not really. They falsely believe that remarkable is only a service or a product without error. They see it as I didn’t mess up your order, I got you on the train on time, and etc.

My response? No. No. NO! A hundred times, no! Remarkable is not only a error free product or service. Actually, this type of thinking is the safe mindset and is not remarkable,  its average, boring, and normal. Yes, people are more likely to spread negative experiences, but no one spreads average ones.

There’s a restaurant I found out about through word-of-mouth here in Richmond,VA called HogsHead Cafe. Now HogsHead Cafe has figured out what’s remarkable and it’s their menu item called “The Hog Dog”. Which is their most famous (remarkable) menu item! Bacon wrapped jumbo beef  hot dog, deep fried & topped with our hand-pulled pork, BBQ  sauce & cole slaw. (not for me)

Now famous doesn’t mean that’s what most customers who go into HogsHead Cafe place their order for. Famous means this menu item received the most attention and PR. You see,  it doesn’t matter if no one buys it. What matters is, that you heard of HogsHead Cafe through a remarkable product ( a product worth making a remark about) and they didn’t have to pay for it.

Note: They do have great food as an asset.