How to Build Authority at the Beginning

When you’re trying to become an authority in a given space, it’s fine to “appoint yourself” at the beginning. You’ll need to have that confidence in your skills and abilities and in the content you provide. It used to be that you had to get a Ph.D. or have a radio or television show, or have a bestselling book, write a column for a big media medium or a highly visible speaking career to establish your authority in a subject area. But not today, today you can start by  “appointing yourself” at the beginning.

But it can’t stop there.

The other part of authority, which is the most visible, shows up from the audience you’ve helped. That may mean at the beginning  authority may come from free advice – like it does for Seth Godin and Micheal Hyatt and Dan Miller, who use free micro publishing media (blogs) to build their platforms. Or it may come from free advice using on demand radio (podcasting) like it does for Cliff Ravenscraft, and Jamie Tardy and Dave Ramsey to build their platforms.

What will usually happen is from that free advice, your business model matures, because the trust and the context of the relationship grows.  Then you can shift your offering to paid advice which may include coaching, consulting, advising, teaching, or other work models. Or you can continue to offer the advice for free, as marketing tool for your  products or services that are paid.

On average, you’ll have a mix of paid and free ways you can help others.

Question: How are you building your authority?