How to Change the Prospects Decision From No to Yes

Our philosophy is that nothing happens in an organization or company until something is marketed and that nothing happens until the prospect says yes in the selling situation, thus making a sale.

Just for clarification purposes only:

Marketing will get you a date. Once you’re on the date, you have to do your own courting. Marketing generates leads, makes the phone ring, causes people to ask for your product. Selling (courting) convinces prospects to exchange money for something that is worth more than the value of the money.

How do you change the prospects decision from no to yes?

This question has been asked by many people who sell a product or service and the answer may surprise you, because 100% of time with no exceptions, a prospect never changes their decision in the selling situation.

Now, I know some of you are saying, “wait a minute, that’s not true, I have sold a prospect something, even when they had given me a no.”

Actually, the prospect didn’t change their decision.

You can never change a prospects decision. What you did was offer new information.

When you inject new information into the selling situation or any situation in life it causes for a new decision. 

The same way if a young man asks a young lady for her hand in marriage, her decision maybe no, initially. But over time, what gave her the ability to make a new decision? She was presented with new information about that young man, which in return gives her the opportunity to make a new decision, yes, I will marry you.

That applies whether you are with your prospects, interviewing for a position, asking for a hand in marriage, or any situation where you need a new decision to be made.

In most cases, if someone is saying no, just remember that you must present new information to get a new decision.