How to Create a Really Good Billboard Ad (Every Time)

Average advertisers create average advertising. You, I’m guessing, don’t want to be average.

You want to be really good. You believe you can be remarkable.

That means you need to create really good ads (for this post, specifically billboard ads) … without even thinking about it.

Want to learn how? Follow me …

My mentor Jay Levinson taught me that the two best words to have on a billboard ad are, “next exit.”

The rules of a really good billboard ad (really good = cost effective) are as follows:

1. “Next exit”
2. EZ off and on
3. Free parking
4. Major thoroughfare
5. Take action now
6. Credible promise

Billboard ads are useful for building brand trust, but only if you run them for a very long time and over a wide area. In other words, it’s an act of faith.

About the Author: Patrick McFadden is the owner and marketing consultant at Indispensable Marketing, a strategic marketing firm in Richmond, VA. He is also an advisor and featured marketing contributor to American Express Open Forum.