How to Grow Your Side Business into a Real Business

Starting a side business is good, but turning it into a real business is even better. For most this is a challenge because of one reason: lack of a marketing plan. A great marketing plan will detail how you’re going to attract, obtain, and keep customers. It clarifies how you will gain awareness, trust, and visibility with prospects and customers.

In this post I want to cover a powerful and proven marketing strategy that I believe works in almost every profession. Let’s begin. It’s wise if you’re just starting a small business or you’re a service professional (Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, Plumber, Handyman, Tutor, Nanny, Sales professional, or etc.) to just farm a geographical area.

Yes, farming is nothing new in business. In fact it’s more efficient than running an ad and running around from one side of town to the next doing jobs and wasting gas and time.

Here are some three ways you can start farming a geographical area:

  • Start marketing your services in a 100, 200, or 300 home community
  • Start marketing so that you position yourself to own the zip code
  • Start marketing in a way that you own a side of the river

I recommend, you can take the above examples and mold it to fit your business anyway you want.

The next step of this process is to niche yourself. Create a special offer for this geographical area you’re farming. Not just a boring I’m a handyman, real estate agent, insurance agent, or etc. Remember a service or product for everybody is a service or product for nobody. I would rather you show your expertise though these couple of ways:

  • This month special you’re lowering interest rates on homes 
  • This month special you’re doing free assessments about protecting your family through life insurance
  • This month special you’re installing ceiling fans for $50

The key to this is that you’re offering a very specific service or product. That’s the way to get into the arena, where then people recognize that you are a good person to have around, somebody they trust and someone who can solve their problem. Showing specials with specific services or products gives people a chance to trust you and for you to develop a rapport.

I encourage to be specific about something you do, even if people don’t need that particular thing it will give you more awareness with them and a specific positioning in their mind rather than hey he’s just a handyman, agent or etc.

Go make it happen!