How to Retain Customers and Outsell the Competition (Every Time)

It’s no secret if you’ve been reading my blog that I strongly believe that social media is a two-way street. That it makes possible bilateral intimacy—engagement. That before with traditional media platforms there was only a one-way street. You “know” the talk show host, the performing musician, or the keynote speaker. But social media has taken this to a whole new playing field.

Communication from the beginning of time has always been a key factor to doing business, but are you aware of the tremendous impact that your ability to communicate online has on your success?

I REALLY believe that because we are bombarded with messages, noise, advertisements, and overwhelmed with information, that the only thing that will break through the clutter is the context you create and communication you have with your customers.

Communication is the key factor in determining whether a customer is retained, whether the customer spends more time with you, and whether you outsell the competition. Now, because of social media you can be more connected to your fans, customers, and supporters than ever before.

Which means more two-way conversations, more communication, and more time spent with you. I hope you see the connection between communication and social media. Communication influences the purchase process and because of the current social media  platforms communication can be verbal or visual.

Question: Are you just pushing your message on social media? or Are you spending time communicating with prospects and customers?