How You Sell is More Important Than What You Sell (In Some Cases)

Now I’m not saying that you can sell something that’s average or doesn’t solve my problem. No. Not at all! In fact if someone is going to do business with you that means one simple thing: “they’re hiring your product or service to solve their problem”.

And if you haven’t noticed there’s more products and services and more information than ever before. So, what I am saying is that the way you sell may impact your business more than what you sell.

Let’s take at look at my business for example. I realize that content is king and marketing is queen.  I also recognize the behavior of the modern buyer to gather information before making a buying decision. Which means content that’s searchable online is one key component for my business and the purpose of me blogging.

Putting useful and relevant content online is one way my business connects to today’s buyer. This is also how the buyer comes to like, know, and trust me. I make it no secret that my blog is for teaching purposes and for a good reason.

I teach, not pitch.

And because I teach and not pitch, the content that’s produce has an additional effect of communicating benefits  and overcoming objections. This education-forward marketing strategy gives me the influence that comes with authority.

Now obviously there are many ways you can create content and get it out there, but before you begin your content marketing quest, it’s worth looking at what makes it work.

  1. Content. This is the foundational component. Not just any content, but valuable content that’s storytelling, speaking your target market language and addressing the problems and desires your target market.
  2. Social Media. This is basically word-of-mouth or content distribution. But the secret is to create context so that your content spreads. Spend as little time as possible pushing your content and much more listening to other conversations.
  3. Permission. You earn your audience’s opt-in permission to deliver relevant, anticipated  and personal messages, the opportunity to reconnect over time. By phone, email, or reputation.

 Question: Are you ready to develop your content marketing strategy?